Subject: RAITH is back up. Access for all schedule users this week. LEO problems continue.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 09:19:05 -0700


Here is a brief RAITH 150 update as of Monday Morning 8:50 AM:

Several users were able to get on the system over the weekend and get
writes performed. The RAITH Field service team has finished repairs and
all RAITH side functions are performing optimally.  Thank you, Cole
Loomis and Bernd Stegemann for making the most of a short visit here to

The LEO computer continues to experience intermittent rebooting of its
PC for unknown causes.  Friday we replaced this PC's power supply with a
new supply, but this did not correct the problem as Users observed
several reboots over the weekend. LEO will be returning today for
continued evaluation.

All Users are expected to immediate report problems  and all error
encountered  to both the Coral system and James Conway.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group

James Conway wrote:

> Greetings:
> The Raith Loader arm has been repaired and recalibrated.
> The system is available for RAITH CHAMPION USE over the weekend.
> Those on the current CORAL schedule can access the system over the
> weekend.
> Please be very careful and record all errors encountered and call me
> immediately should you encounter any problems whatsoever.  I can be
> reached as always at 415-412-4825 24/7
> Thank you for your support this week!
> James Conway
> Stanford Nanofabrication Facility