Subject: Re: Raith Load Lock Error
From: Yuan Zhang <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 11:40:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

The previous user's sample was unloaded. I tried the load and unload procedures again,
and the robot arm worked fine for me. I'll release the tool to users, but please keep
an eye on the robot arm. If you meet the same problem later today, please follow the
instruction and use the joystick to slightly push it out. If manual unload doesn't work,
please let Xinran or me know, and we'll help you unload the samples. 


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From: "Yuan Zhang" <>
To: "Salman Latif" <>,
Sent: Saturday, September 6, 2008 11:30:39 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: RE: Raith Load Lock Error

Hi Salman,

Thanks for reporting the problem. I'll go there tomorrow morning around 10
and try to fix the error. 


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From: Salman Latif [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008 9:48 PM
Subject: Raith Load Lock Error

Hi all,

I encountered a load lock error while unloading the previous user's sample.
I followed the instructions for the manual unload procedure, but it came
back to the same error message ("it is not possible to reach the outer
position of the robot arm"). I talked  with Xinran, and he said that no one
should use the system (since it's in a critical state) before one of the
raith champions comes in and clears the error. I am canceling my session and
leaving the system as is. I'll report the error on Coral.