Subject: Reservation Limits on Ebeam and RAITH: Please adjust your reservations today.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 10:03:47 -0700


EBEAM AND RAITH 150 EBL system reservations can to be made for a maximum 8 hours within prime time hours, and a total of 12 hours total prime time and non prime time hours per week.


    Please remove all reservations your will not be using as soon in advance as you realize you are not going to need the
     reservation  AND  post a email to the system mail list, or to inform others of the system availability.

     Remember you loose your reservation at minute 16 after your session starts if you do not mark the machine with a note
     that you are coming.

BE WARNED:  Neither do I not wish to play hall monitor, nor do I have the time,  so I will simply remove all your reservations for a one week period if I see you are sandbagging the schedule when I check the CORAL system each day.

Please be reminded that we are all sharing the system with a large number of users.
Please reserve only the time you will actually use the system and expect to be writing.
Please be ready to unload your sample when it is finished writing and hand off to the next user if you complete your writing
early. Call  the next person on the schedule by phone if possible...
If you are having problems on any system, are unsure of a procedure, or are entering into discomfort please get help immediately!

People having problems getting on the EBEAM or RAITH schedules, or if you have comments or suggestions, should contact James Conway directly. I hold an office hour daily 8:30 - 9:00 AM at CIS 31 when I am available for your questions.

Thank you,

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group.