Subject: Beam Currents observed to be consistent today. PM downtime starts at 12 NOON.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:22:02 -0800


I was unable to recreate the circumstances that resulted in the erratic 
beam currents that were reported by users yesterday.


30 um aperture == 0.151 nA         30 measurements
10 um aperture == 0.020 na.          10 measurements

This was measured repeatable over a two hour period and no changes were 
observed.  All  seems good on the system from these test and imaging on 
the LEO was excellent resolving features to about 12 nm.

Tomorrow Michael Santomango from LEO will arrive to perform a complete 
annual PM on the LEO column about noon.
Users are asked to yield access to him upon his arrival and assist him 
any way you can to complete the PM.
We will then bakeout the column for 40 hours and through the entire 
holiday weekend.
Tuesday we will realign the column, mag. amplifiers, stigmator controls 
and address anything else that surfaces at that time.

WE hope that we can hand off the system to the next user (pcatryss:: 
Peter Catryssee late in the afternoon Tuesday  and my reservation after 
his on coral is to allow him time to write if we extend into his 
reservation slot.

I will be away from the lab from now until Tuesday but available by cell 

Thank you for your support!

James Conway