Subject: Re: Raith pattern generator Problem again?
From: Luigi Scaccabarozzi <>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 22:59:10 -0800 (PST)

yes I guess it's the same problem with the pattern generator, we may have
to exchange the board... but let's see what's James' opinion...

On Sun, 7 Mar 2004, Hatice Altug wrote:

> Hi,
> Gigi, do your broken patterns look like this? I got this results back in
> September when there was a problem with pattern generator. It showed up on
> random people and random writing sessions. For at least 2 weeks I suffered
> while nobady was having such a problem ( maybe my patterns are more complex
> than others) It has not been fixed untill james and other users also start
> to have same problem. If you also have same broken type pattrens I think it
> might be again same problem with pattern generator ?!
> Scott, also I remember now that I was getting overlaped patterns. It might
> be writing on the same spot so that you get one big blob instead of one
> (look at broken_pattern_1 in the attachment, overlaped area is overexposed
> and in some of them not even possible to resolve the pattern which is
> suppose to be 10 by 10 matrix of  dots)
> Since last time it showed on random people and on random writing sessions it
> is possible that tomorrow some people can say that they have very good
> results. I think maybe James can check if pattern generator OK?
> hatice
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> Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 9:32 PM
> Subject: Re: Raith Results?
> > HI Hatice,
> > yes, I found the same. Some patterns broken, some misplaced, and also
> > stitching error (but I was expecting the stitching since I could not align
> > properly: the system is too clean, it's hard to burn a spot @ 10 um ap.!).
> > Sorry I meant to send an email earlier, but I was busy.
> > In conclusion, I would not attempt any critical work with the system in
> > this state, and if other people had the same problem I think there's
> > really something wrong with the system, not with my sample.
> > James?
> > Gigi
> >
> >