Subject: 'calculate time error'
From: Charis Quay Huei Li <>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 11:06:02 -0500 (EST)

hi all,

     just wanted to alert people to an error i got this morning.
     when i hit 'time' in the properties window for my pattern, the
sofware got stuck on a particular writefield and gave me a 'calculate time
error'. i went ahead and wrote anyway, but then i got an 'exposure error'
in the same writefield. the module status window gave no details.
     i deleted everything in the writefield and redrew them. then i
deleted all the elements already written and rescanned the pattern. i
still have no idea what caused the error in the first place since to my
knowledge i didn't change anything. but this time it worked.
     sadly, it appears that the writefield was written despite the error,
so i have one writefield that was exposed twice. :-( oh well.
     other than that, machine working fine. beautiful spot size: 15nm-ish.
all other features also came out beautifully. beam current seems to be on
the rise also compared to previous two users.
     anyway, just wanted to let people know in case you get the same