Subject: Truth or Consequences -- Adjustments to coral charges and enables on the RAITH tool for November and December 2009.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 10:37:36 -0800

Dear Raith Community:

Users are requested to carefully check their enables for the RAITH tool for the period of November 1 to December 16, 2009.

I am conducting an audit of enables and disable times and comparing it to my logging files in protocol files for the RAITH system operations.

I have discovered a number of people whom forgot to enable the tool, enabled late, or disabled early while they were still on the system writing their patterns.

Please report back to me directly by email at ASAP with any adjustments, modifications to your coral History or your best confessions you wish to make at this time.

Your prompt consideration of this matter is requested as I wish to close out the Coral charges and complete this audit by days end Thursday December 17, 2009.

Many Thanks for your support through 2009,

James Conway