Subject: All Ebeam Lab computers were swept and disinfected for Viruses yesterday -- Please sweep your drives and media using the off -line computer before you come onto the other systems.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:01:28 -0800

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:

Special thanks to Yiyang Gong whom gave me two hours plus of his session time for me to complete some testing and system administration on the RAITH computer yesterday.  Please be extra nice to him as he will need to make up the time on the tool to catch up on his project!

1. Swept all the computers in the Ebeam lab using Sophos AV client,  other than the Ebeam Pattern and Operations console computers. All have been cleaned and disinfected of viruses on these systems.

2. I have tested thoroughly the Laser Interferometer Stage, both before and after establishing a simple UVW coordinate system, to address a report that their were problems encountered in the LIStage.  No problems were identified.  Likely the problem that the User ran into had to do with optical lithography mask 'run out' as they moved to the edges of the imaging field.  This is commonly encountered on initial attempt to perform overlay onto optical lithography mask layers and the Users will likely have to map out their chip layout and edit a copy of the layout in a position list of the actual chip positions when writing overlay on the system. 
Careful Three point alignment to Global markers is required to perform Overlay.

Thank you for the User reports on the system performance and status -- no other negative reports were received.

Thank you,

James Conway

James Conway wrote:
Yiyang and RAITH Users:

In order to perform system administration and sweep the hard drive for viruses I will need to take the system away from Users for several hours this afternoon.  

I am also troubleshooting reports of stage errors after establishing UVW coordinate systems on another users session overnight.

Did anyone see any similar problems over the course of the last three days and nights?  RSVP to

James Conway