Subject: RAITH is coming back up...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:58:57 -0800

Good Morning,

Operator error and not following procedures correctly brought the RAITH system down with a fatal load lock errors sometime SAT. this prevented users from accessing the system later in the weekend.

The users attempted to clear this error on their own and all the calibration settings for exchange and stage control were lost.

I am calibrating the home, exchange, and all loader and stage x,y,z, SW limits on the system and I will be ready to work with the next user within the hour to ensure these adjustments are completed. I will also save new defaults for the 5 mm WD for 10 kV and 30 um aperture.

All Users:

Be sure that you have enabled the system on CORAL before attempting to LOAD or UNLOAD the pallet.
Never attempt to reset the computer while a exchange navigator script is running.

Users are reminded to allow the system to complete all MACROS and Navigator scripts before beginning to start operations on the system.  This end of procedure status is normally announced by the question from the RAITH system requesting 'RESET XY:UV Coordinate system' and 'Turn On Electron Beam'

Please Note:
   There is now a piezo centering routine that occurs just after the vent signal to the vent valve is sent that will cycle the piezo controls through their range of motion and end at the center of travel position.  This procedure takes 1 - 3 additional minutes to complete before releasing control to the operator.  This routine must be completed before starting operations.

Please be a careful system operator, much time was lost to users due to this mistake over the weekend.

James Conway