Subject: Re: question
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:16:51 -0700

  Hello Xinran and Raith Community:

We do not have the Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) option installed on 
our system as it is running  the older version 4 Software for the RAITH 
150.  I also do not have laser height detection module option that may 
also be needed for this capability.

FBMS has been added to a number of RAITH 150 systems and is standard 
option on the version 5 and higher software and more recent RAITH 150 
Two and E-Line hardware configurations.  The way this module works is 
the Stage is scanned and is moving during the exposure operation.  The 
electron beam is unblanked and scanned in circular beam paths similar to 
when writing RAITH circles.   While the stage moves  larger areas are 
rapidly exposed to the dose specified per unit area.

This is very useful for writing waveguides and larger patterns such as 
in photonic crystals and plasmonic waveguide devices.  Its a useful 
option to have but only for some specific area write applications.

Great Question, soon to be a FAQ...

James Conway

On 8/6/2010 6:07 PM, Xinran Wang wrote:
> Hey James,
> I have question on raith. Is our system a fixed-beam-moving-stage 
> system? I was looking at the raith information and it seems that this 
> is not the standard configuration and needs a extra module.
> Thanks!
> Xinran