Subject: how 'bout this for a new trial Raith-signup policy? (relatively short email)
From: Mark Topinka <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 23:15:44 -0800

Hi everyone-  It seems we're making progress towards consensus.
Here's a proposal for something simple we could try as soon as James says 
"Yes": we institute a 10-hours-total per Rolling-TWO-week-period cap 
immediately, and see if any other adjustments (like "old idea 2" or "new 
idea" in John's email) are necessary.  I think the 2-week cap is a good 
idea because it would basically guarantee that some sign-up-able slots are 
always open, perhaps 7 or 8 days in advance, but open 
none-the-less.  James- how hard would it be  make the two week change?  Do 
people feel like the other ideas need to be implemented at the same 
time?  My vote is to try the new cap and then see if we need to do more.