Subject: Re: problem with position list -- Disappearing windows and blank dialog boxes.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 15:26:12 -0800

Thank you for your report!

ALL Users:
It is really important that if you run into a problem you report it to 
both the CORAL ' report problem' or 'make comment'
and to the RAITH notebook 2 and logbook,  so that SNF staff are informed 
of the problem and can easily document the problem encountered.

I have been working on identifying this problem for over a week and have 
not found the root cause.  RAITH too has not seen this problem before 
either -- but they remind us to not run other applications on the PC 
while the RAITH150.exe is running.

Virus alert and concern:
There is a remote possibility that we have become infected with a virus 
on the system.
Users must be vigilant and take necessary means to ensure you do not 
transport germs and viruses onto the RAITH system.  WE cannot run 
anti-virus software on the system easily.  (This requires me to load a 
virus software not the system, run it then remove it from the system.  I 
am planning to perform this task post haste!!!)

Thank you for your support!


Lindsay Moore wrote:

> Today's Raith computer fun is that it would not allow me to modify my 
> position list in any way.  I could not drag and drop a gdsii into the 
> pos. list window, i could not change the dose in an existing pos list, 
> and i could not delete elements of an existing position list.  When 
> the next user came on, he exited the raith software after a successful 
> unload procedure.  the Raith150 software would not restart.  (when 
> double clicking on the raith 150 icon a "my computer" window opened 
> instead, and there was some error about how we were trying to download 
> some software.
> I don't know what the current status is, but i wanted to update 
> everyone about the errors that are happening.
> Lindsay