Subject: Last Chance to complete your urgent EBL Writes -- Released my reservation for RAITH Field service for 24 hours period Thursday 10 AM until Friday 10 AM.
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 16:28:08 -0800

Greetings Raith Community:

First I wish to compliment everyone working on the RAITH tool for being flexible and working so very well together this last week as we quickly approach the shutdown of the RAITH system for the Year.
Several persons have needed access to the system to get their last writes of the year in, and Users gave up sessions and shared the ride to get these additional EBL writes through the tool.   I am pleased that you have all worked together to accommodate changes in the schedule and addressed other ancillary machine issues in the lab this last few weeks.  Great Job Everyone!

Released my reservations made for RAITH Field Service for the 24 hours from 10 AM Thursday until ~ 10 AM Friday (Or when Lev Markov arrives on site to begin the annual column PM.)
Lev Markov will be starting the PM work on Friday now instead of Thursday as planned.
The RAITH system on coral is now available for your use until 10 AM Friday.  Users are encouraged to 'Share the Ride' to maximize throughput on the RAITH tool through this period.

If the infrastructure upgrade goes according to plan SNF Staff will return to the lab on February 2nd. We will bring the raith tool back up for Alignments and calibrations on Friday February 3rd. Through the weekend and into early the following week we will perform the On-site system Qualification and performance testing on the tool.  Tentatively I hope to return the tool to Raith Champions on the evening of Tuesday February 7th at 6 PM and to open the system up to all qualified Users early the next morning.  This plan may shift if the planned SNF Cleanroom start up schedule slips by any days...

Happy Holidays and Thank you for your Support!

James Conway