Subject: Re: E-beam lithography on RAITH 150...
From: "James W. Conway" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 15:49:36 -0700

Greetings Future and Current RAITH Users,

I have just returned from vacation.
This week and next I am scheduling for September and October for RAITH 
training and to complete some process work-in-progress developing 
application note(s) and final testing of several new EBL processes in 

Please see me when you have a chance, or during my office hours, to 
schedule sessions with me to get your RAITH training started.  I hope to 
get some of you through the class course work before October so as to 
open a few more slots for others inbound... Hint: It's a good time to 
start getting your patterns on GDSII started so we can test them together.

Currently qualified RAITH Users working on the system wishing for 
enhanced project support, delve into advanced topics in EBL, or those 
interested in pursuing the Fixed Beam Moving Stage capability are also 
encouraged to engage with me in the coming months.

All the Best,

James Conway

On 8/3/2012 4:17 PM, Xiaoge Liu wrote:
> Hi James:
> I am planning to use Raith making strip Si waveguide. I heard that now Raith has new
option that we can move substrate during e-beam exposure so we can make a much larger
area lithography. So when will this be available? Does it require any special training?
> Thank you very much!
> Best Regard,
> Xiaoge