Subject: RAITH is checking out OK. SEE THE NOTES...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:37:45 -0800

Greetings RAITH Users:

There is not a problem on the Pattern Generator, imaging section, or deflection of the beam on the LEO. 

I  continue to evaluate a possible but very small beam drift issue and possibly field distortion across a 1000 um field of view.

My qualification run went well, although it was very challenging to process a suitable write field correction as I reported Friday evening.  Features all looked fine and I DID NOT see any problems on any pattern written including on Photonic crystal patterns I wrote with that run.  I did notice a couple stitching breaks at high magnification but the numbers should come within specification.  There were not dramatic stitching errors evident.

As I said before:

If can be very difficult to focus and stigmate on a feature because it takes much less mouse translation to go through the range of focus and stigmation now that the system has just been PM'ed.  Today there is plenty of Hydrocarbon in the back ground of the system and all users should be able to achieve a short shot dot -- otherwise you are OUT OF FOCUS!

Problems encountered by gigi, and the second DGG login yesterday were due to not processing a align write field proper or to low enough scan fields size. (i.e., to less than 2 um-2 at the 100 um write field.  The stohr problems reported are due to problems with charging or another anomaly on the substrate and the automatic align writefield they were achieving may have been  unacceptable displaying shifts as much at -13 um U and 5 um V. They had this problems before and may be due to some inter-layer oxide or dielectric charge up in the system.

Please be sure to process your write field alignment properly and carefully being sure to verify that the shift and rotation values are nominally below one micron U-V.

No problems with image acquisition and the ELPHY plus pattern generator are seen in either the qualification run or on the system this morning.  I will continue to test and will write a couple patterns this afternoon.  System returns to users at 1700 hours.

OTHERWISE IT ISN'T FLAGGED TO STAFF IN A TIMELY MANNER.  This information should also go into the results section of the LOG BOOK always.

Thank you,