Subject: Zeiss has once again not shown up today as scheduled.
From: James Conway <>
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 14:35:19 -0800


I had expected Mike Santomango to arrive here on site first thing this 
afternoon to continue our service run up and calibrations to the system 
together with me. We had agreed at the end of the day yesterday to 
resume our work at 12:30 PM after ~ 18 hours of conditioning at 1 keV 
acceleration voltage.

I spoke with Cole Loomis on this need at ~ 14:00 hours informing him on 
the no show, no call situation at hand.

It is now  14:22 hours and I have not heard from anyone at Zeiss 
regarding this delay.  At 14:12 hours I called the 800 number at Zeiss 
Thornwood Field service and was forwarded to the west coast operator in 
Redwood City, CA and spoke with than person directly.  She was unable to 
freely tell me where Mike may be located, so I asked her to have Mike 
call me on my cell phone ASAP. My expectation is that he is at another 
customers site and unable to respond to pages and cell phone calls as 
many facilities have no cell phone access inside their buildings.

In consideration of the work that needs to be performed to bring this 
system back on line within some reasonable accommodation to my schedule 
needs; I will not delay any further and am going to continue to perform 
the service ramp ups  and conditioning to 10 kV levels on my own with 
Raith USA's  permission. (verbal phone with Cole Loomis.)

The purpose of this email is simply to document the sequence of events 
for everyone concerned. No further action from management is requested 
at this time.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway