Subject: Re: cancelling write -- PROBLEMS ON RAITH...
From: James Conway <>
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 09:12:14 -0800


There were numerous reports of problems on the system  in voice mails to 
me over the weekend. 
I will be taking the system at 10 AM to see where the problems actually 
lie.  Sounds like there may have been damage to the ELPHY+ or the image 
display boards as we have observed during previous EHT trips in the 
distant past.

Ryan Tu please grab me when you go to load the system at  9:30 AM...

James Conway

Ilya Fushman wrote:

>There was an EHT trip when I tried to go to 20kV from 15kV. As a result, the
>settings on the in-lens detector are off and when I try to go past ~ 15kX on
>the magnification, the image area jumps to some random part. At this point
>it's impossible for me to stig and focus. According to James the system
>should be OK after 1 hr or so. I have another commitment and cannot stay
>longer to find out.
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