Subject: Comment raith SNF 2007-11-21 11:04:56: Water Cooling Problem & Associated Load Lock - Solved
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 11:04:56 -0800

This morning, when I came to load my sample I saw that there was a water cooling error
last night at 23:30. With James' help, the problem is now solved and the machine is
operational. However, I don't have enough time left for the tedious overlay alignment,
so I'm cancelling my session. Below is a log of events that took place today.
Raith Computer:
During the last stich field there was a break down of the gun. See protocol file for
SEM Computer - Leo Server:
20-11-2007 23:30 Error number 593: Water flow has failed
21-11-2007 00:30 Warning number 594: Water flow resumed
Water temp OK
Water flow OK
Clicked Reset overheat OK
Raith Computer
Unload sample
The vacuum in the chamber is not ready
Please start pumping and if ready hit RETRY
SEM Control - Vacuum - Pump
Initially gun vacuum 1.5E-9 Torr
System vacuum - Grayed out and shows 7.4E-7 Torr
After some time it said - Vacuum status - At air?? 
Gun vacuum is still at 1.5E-9
I pressed 'pump' again
Vac status - Waiting Turbo speed
Raith Computer
Advanced Load Lock
Last Error: Error3 Check vacuum
SEM Computer
System Vacuum - Grayed out
Gun Vacuum - 1.6E-9 Torr
Vent inh = none
Vac status = at air
Column chamber valve = closed
EHT vac ready = yes
Column pumping = ready
Contacted James Conway and Ilya Fushman
With the help of James, cleared the Load Lock Error
Pump level resumed
Could not see the CCD camera, restarted the LEO Machine, CCD Camera now works