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01: freon 116 (Ray Seymour)
02: Freon 116 (Ray Seymour)
03: Community Service Opportunity! (Nancy Latta)
04: Info on Drytek4 - electrode water leak repair (Len Booth)
05: Drytek4 ststus 05/2/02 (Len Booth)
06: Drytek4 is ready for use (Len Booth)
07: Etch Monitor System (Evan Thrush)
08: canceling reservation (Elaheh Sigari)
09: Re: Drytek4] (Mary Tang)
10: Re: Nitride Etch Problem in Drytek4 (Jim McVittie)
11: Re: Nitride Etch Problem in Drytek4 (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
12: Freon-115 (C2ClF5) (Len Booth)
13: Near end of F-115 (Len Booth)
14: anisotropic Si etch ? (Kenneth Brian Crozier)
15: Re: anisotropic Si etch ? (Jim McVittie)
16: Re: Problem drytek4 2004-06-09 14:45:54: pedestal (Jim McVittie)
17: Silicon Nitride etch? (Ankur Jain)
18: res removed today... (
19: Pressure gauge has been Zeroed on Drytek4 (Jeannie Perez)
20: SiO2 etching with PMMA mask (Jun Pan)
21: drytek4 free Tues 9:30-noon (Carl Faulkner)
22: Your account access has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
23: Drytek4 Status (Cesar M Baxter)
24: Changes at Drytek4 (jim kruger)
25: Drytek4 zero change wrt pump out (jim kruger)
26: Your online account has been limited (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
27: Extension Spring (Cesar M Baxter)
28: New change in purging gas line (Jeannie Perez)
29: Drytek4 update (Elmer Enriquez)
30: Drytek4 released 9:30-12 Today 10-17-06 (jim kruger)
31: Matching network repair update (Elmer Enriquez)
32: Matching network update (Elmer Enriquez)
33: dryek4 will it be down this weekend? (Pradeep K. Nataraj)
34: Process#1 (Cesar M Baxter)
35: Drytek 4 back to the original manual tuning. (Jeannie Perez)
36: Process switch (Cesar M Baxter)
37: Matching network problem (Cesar M Baxter)
38: RF Match (Cesar M Baxter)
39: RF match (Cesar M Baxter)
40: RF Match (Cesar M Baxter)
41: Re: Cancelled Reservation Friday 10:30am - 1:30pm (Claudia Richter)
42: SiO2/Si3N4 etch on drytek4 (Zubin Huang)
43: Re: Cancelled Reservation Today 3pm-5pm (Claudia Richter)
44: the alignment mark etching on Pyrex glass wafer (c.c.)
45: All valves for Gases on Drytek 4 (Jeannie Perez)
46: Drytek 4 will be down until 8/25 at least. (Jeannie Perez)
47: Monday 2/25 would be the earliest Drytek 4 would come up. (Jeannie Perez)
48: Parts are in and Jim McVittie is working on the power supply (Jeannie Perez)
49: Etch back receipe (
50: drytek4 released today 4:30pm (Ghyrn Loveness)
51: si etch (sonnyv)
52: drytek4 free at 6:30pm (Raja Jain)
53: Freon 23 update ... (John Shott)
54: Re: Freon 23 update ... (ben.jian)
55: RF tuning notes 10-15-09 (jim kruger)
56: gold sputtering (Sonny Vo)
57: Drytek 4 available now, finished earlier (c.c.)
58: drytek4 is free up to 11pm today (Hyung Dong Lee)
59: 4pm reservation today released (Jason Matthew Parker)
60: Problem with Drytek 4 (Arash Hazeghi)
61: drytek4 free at 5pm (Raja Jain)
62: drytek4 free tonight (Raja Jain)
63: silicon etch recipes (Alex Neuhausen)
64: Log sheets Need to be filled out correctly! (Jeannie Perez)
65: Drytek4 released 3pm-4:30pm today (Jason Matthew Parker)
66: Drytek 4 timers and count down display (Jeannie Perez)
67: Putting Drytek 4 in Stand-by (Jeannie Perez)
68: I was able to get Drytek 4 to work (Jeannie Perez)
69: Attached PEN to the Logbooks (Jeannie Perez)
70: Re: Comment drytek4 SNF 2011-10-01 13:14:38: some white residue on the plate (Jeannie Perez)
71: Re: Comment drytek4 SNF 2011-10-11 17:23:37: Standby note (Jeannie Perez)
72: Drytek4 Released 5-7PM (Takane Usui)
73: Reports of plasma instability (jim kruger)
74: No Freon 318 (Mary Tang)
75: C4F8 back online (Nancy Latta)
76: Survey! (Nancy Latta)
77: Drytek Usage: Input Requested (Scott Lee)
78: Re: Drytek Usage: Input Requested (Dragoslav Grbovic)
79: Re: Drytek Usage: Input Requested (Usha Raghuram)
80: FYI on ER from STS through Drytek4 (Jeannie Perez)