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01: ebeam back on line (Paul Jerabek)
02: Re: ebeam??? (Dominik Max Zumbuhl)
03: Re: ebeam??? (Paul Jerabek)
04: ebeam free early: now til 2 (Dan Grupp)
05: UVN30 Shipley Datasheet (fwd) (Dan Grupp)
06: done early on ebeam free until 1230 (Dan Grupp)
07: error 1002 (Jing Kong)
08: Stage power supply... (Dan Grupp)
09: Time free Apr. 14th morning (Chang Man Park)
10: Re: Time free Apr. 14th morning (Dominik Max Zumbuhl)
11: free til 1pm today. will use after that. (Dan Grupp)
12: user true will not use time starting at 16:30 today (Dan Grupp)
13: ebeam reservation cancelled Sunday Noon - 8:00pm (Brian Joseph Greene)
14: Data prep terminal locked (Dominik Max Zumbuhl)
15: Re: Data prep terminal locked (Brian Joseph Greene)
16: time available 8:30 - 10am Thursday (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
17: Sunday 10:00 - 17:00 ebeam free (Brian Joseph Greene)
18: ebeam free Sun 10:30pm (Dominik Max Zumbuhl)
19: ebeam free 9:30 - 11:30 am Monday (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
20: cancel reservation (Yun Li)
21: Res removed today 1200-1500 (Dan Grupp)
22: Ebeam is free tomorrow from 10:00 to 13:00. Sorry for the late notice. (Tor Hesjedal)
23: Ebeam is free tomorrow also from 13:00. Sorry for the late notice. (yunli)
24: GRUPP will use Re: Ebeam is free tomorrow from 10:00 to 13:00. Sorry for the late notice. (Dan Grupp)
25: smc will use ebeam from 13:00. (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
26: ebeam free Fri morning 9-12 (Dan Grupp)
27: Beam Current Low (Tom)
28: Re: Beam Current Low (Paul Jerabek)
29: ebeam is free tonight (Laila Souza de Mattos)
30: ebeam free 17:30 to 20:30 (Laila Souza de Mattos)
31: shortened Sunday reservation: 1300-1700 now open (Dan Grupp)
32: Re: shortened Sunday reservation: 1300-1700 now open (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
33: ebeam free 8:30 - 10am Tuesday (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
34: ebeam vacuum (Paul Jerabek)
35: ebeam free wed morning 8am-10am (Laila Souza de Mattos)
36: ebeam free tomorrow 9:30-11am (Ann Marshall)
37: removed res Thurs 1100-1430 (Dan Grupp)
38: ebeam will be free Wed. morning (Sara Marie Cronenwett)
39: ebeam res removed Wed 1130-1430 (Dan Grupp)
40: Re: ebeam res removed Wed 1130-1430 (ChangMan Park)
41: ebeam free (Yun Li)
42: stage stuck inside (Chongwu Zhou)
43: EBEAM (Paul Jerabek)
44: extra features (Tom)
45: reg (Paul Jerabek)
46: ebeam shutdown (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
47: ebeam (Paul Jerabek)
48: ebeam (Paul Jerabek)
49: ebeam hot plate (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
50: low beam current (Theresa Kramer)
51: do you need .1um resolution? (Theresa Kramer)
52: how about 1um resolution? (Theresa Kramer)
53: low current (Amol Ramesh Joshi)
54: Shutdown: Low Ib and IP3 kicked off. (John Shott)
55: ebeam (Paul Jerabek)
56: beam current (Tom)
57: beam current (Paul Jerabek)
58: ebeam up (Paul Jerabek)
59: ebeam shutdown (Paul Jerabek)
60: ebeam up (Paul Jerabek)
61: reservation from 10 am- 12:30 pm has been removed (Sharleen Beckwith)
62: Cancel reservation from 2 to 5 (Changman Park)
63: reservation cancelled (Srikanth Ganesan)
64: reservations (Theresa Kramer)
65: reservation (Tom)
66: reservation cancelled (Srikanth Ganesan)
67: JTX files (Paul Jerabek)
68: released ebeam reservation today from 1:30-5:30 (Brian Joseph Greene)
69: done early (Srikanth Ganesan)
70: ebeam (Paul Jerabek)
71: Re: ebeam (Brian Joseph Greene)
72: reservation (Tom)
73: ebeam (Steve Rishton)
74: released ebeam time (Brian Joseph Greene)
75: ebeam down (Paul Jerabek)
76: ebeam up (Paul Jerabek)
77: Finished early (Steve Rishton)
78: Z failure: Poly-silicon on Quartz (Jien Cao)
79: Re: Z failure: Poly-silicon on Quartz (Brian Joseph Greene)
80: New silicon piece holders (Steve Rishton)
81: EBEAM, done early, available now (Hyun-Jin Cho)
82: Wafers in Ebeam (Sarah Zou)
83: E-Beam available (Barden N. Shimbo)
84: beam current (Paul Jerabek)
85: ebeam is up (Paul Jerabek)
86: Help! (Dawei Wang)
87: Re: Help! (Dan Grupp)
88: Re: Help! (Steve Rishton)
89: res tonight (Tom)
90: reservation (Tom)
91: ask for help (Yun Li)
92: disk is full (Paul Jerabek)
93: JTX files (Paul Jerabek)
94: ebmt files (Paul Jerabek)
95: not using my researvation sunday (Yun Li)
96: removed reservation 6/19/01 14:30-17:30 (Theresa Kramer)
97: i am not using my ebeam time today. (Yun Li)
98: reservation removed (Amol Joshi)
99: Loading. (Alireza Nojeh)