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01: Are you waiting to use Gryphon? (Jim McVittie)
02: Gryphon Status (Jim McVittie)
03: Gryphon Status (Jim McVittie)
04: Gryphon status 6/8/00 8:00am (Len Booth)
05: Gryphon status 09/19/00 (Len Booth)
06: Styphon status 09/20/00 (Len Booth)
07: Gryphon status 09/22/00 (Len Booth)
08: Re: Gryphon status 09/22/00 (Robin King)
09: Gryphon status 09/28/00 (Len Booth)
10: Gryphon status 09/29/00 (Len Booth)
11: Gryphon down Thurs 10/5/00 pm (Len Booth)
12: Gryphon status (Robin King)
13: Gryphon status 10/17/00 (Len Booth)
14: overnite reservation for cooling down (2/28 - 3/1) (Chi On Chui)
15: Gryphon: turbo failure (Nabeel Ibrahim)
16: temperature (pruitt)
17: Re: temperature (fwd) (Nabeel Ibrahim)
18: Reservation removed from 0:00 to 12:00 today! (Chi On Chui)
19: gryphon (jhaydon)
20: cumputer glitch (jhaydon)
21: reservation cancellation.. (Niranjan Anand Talwalkar)
22: up (Dan Grupp)
23: gryphon problems (Balaji Venkateshwaran)
24: Gryphon: reducing base pressure (Nabeel Ibrahim)
25: Regen (Jim Haydon)
26: cal factor (Jim Haydon)
27: wafers missing from behind gryphon (Nabeel Ibrahim)
28: standard programs (Balaji Venkateshwaran)
29: Training? (Mary Tang)
30: Roughing pump (Jim Haydon)
31: roughing pump (Jim Haydon)
32: Etch (Jim Haydon)
33: DO NOT change the standard programs! (Sharleen Beckwith)
34: removed reservation.. (Niranjan Anand Talwalkar)
35: Gryphon: reservation cancelled (Nabeel Ibrahim)
36: Gryphon ready to test wafer transport (Len Booth)
37: reservation cancelled.. (Niranjan Anand Talwalkar)
38: Re: Gryphon ready to test wafer transport (Brian Joseph Greene)
39: gryphon: free for use on Thursday morning (Nabeel Ibrahim)
40: Bad programs.. (Niranjan Anand Talwalkar)
41: Gryphon Warning.. (Niranjan Anand Talwalkar)
42: Friday nite- Saturday morning (Rajashree Baskaran)
43: Re: carrier wafers for Gryphon (Sharleen Beckwith)
44: Wafer not ready, my reservation today is free (Yongli Huang)
45: Gryphon- Broken wafers? (Eric Perozziello)
46: finished with gryphon (Michael Wittbrodt)
47: done early with gryphon (Michael Wolfson)
49: Worm Klez.E immunity (alexei)
50: free from 14:00 to 16:00 today (Maurice Stevens)
51: Gryphon process change (Maurice Stevens)
52: Re: Metal dep help (Eric Perozziello)
53: Gryphon green lighted (Maurice Stevens)
54: free SAT 5/24 AM & SUN 5/25 AM, wafers finished early (Gary Yama)
55: LMC failure (Sanli)
56: gryphon status (
57: res. cancelled (Sanli Ergun)
58: res. not cancelled (Sanli)
59: Re: res. not cancelled (Maurice Stevens)
60: LMC errors (Maurice Stevens)
61: done early. gryphon free from now till 4PM (Woo-Tae Park)
62: removing resv. Tues 11Am-1:30 PM (Sean T. Hansen)
63: Gryphon up (Maurice Stevens)
64: free til 2:00pm (Maurice Stevens)
65: free today, wafers not ready, sorry for late notice (
66: wafers not ready, free today 6/15, sorry for the late notice (Gary Yama)
67: Turbo problem (james haydon)
68: please use new cal factor: 4.5 (Maurice Stevens)
69: Re: Shutdown gryphon SNF 2004-08-31 11:35:06: Ion guage for chamber not reading] (Maurice Stevens)
70: free til 4:00pm today (Maurice Stevens)
71: green light on Gryphon (Maurice Stevens)
72: gryphon up (Maurice Stevens)
73: gryphon up (Maurice Stevens)
74: Gryphon up (Maurice Stevens)
75: green light (Maurice Stevens)
76: 100%Al still not working (Arief Suriadi Budiman)
77: Film Quality Tests (Robin King)
78: newer dummies added (Maurice Stevens)
79: Al/Si test (Maurice Stevens)
80: gryphon update (Ginel Hill)
81: Gryphon up (Maurice Stevens)
82: available 9am - 3pm, Maurice sick, sorry for the late notice. (Gary Yama (SNF))
83: available, 9am - 3pm, Maurice sick, sorry for the late notice (
84: Education Software Discounts (CPE Sales Team)
85: We never repent of having eaten too little (Brendan)
86: Unlock and renew your account (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
87: Gryphon up (Maurice M Stevens)
88: cal factor 2.7 (Maurice Stevens)
89: Notification of Limited Account Access (Chase Card Services Online Services Team)
90: Gryphon up (Maurice M Stevens)
91: Re: Gryphon up (Duygu Kuzum)
92: alarm-gryphon (Duygu Kuzum)
93: Deep Software Discounts for Teachers, Staff, Students, Schools (Educational Sales Teams)
94: Re: Shutdown gryphon SNF 2006-05-22 03:43:00: LMC Failure] (Maurice Stevens)
95: gryphon down (Jim Haydon)
96: Adobe Academic Software Special (Adobe Academic Sales)
97: update (Jim Haydon)
98: New target break-ins (Robin King)
99: Al/Si target break-in (Kevin Huang)