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01: regen. is done (Wonill Ha)
02: Innotec is available tonight (Wonill Ha)
03: Target materials (Robin King)
04: Innotec mess (Robin King)
05: cryo regen (Wonill Ha)
06: Heads up (Anthony Flannery)
07: Results (Robin King)
08: Ion Gun (Anthony Flannery)
09: Reservation Cancelled (Anthony Flannery)
10: Ion Gun in Place (Anthony Flannery)
11: Re: Ion Gun in Place (Robin King)
12: Warnings on Innotec (Anthony Flannery)
13: Problems (Anthony Flannery)
14: reserv. removed (Tom)
15: gold source (Vijit Sabnis)
16: Shutdown innotec 2001-02-13 15:21:41: Innotec SHUTDOWN (jhaydon)
17: reservation removed , Thurs 10AM-5PM (Vikram Bala)
18: reservation cancel (Tom)
19: Innotec Status Update/Problems/Reservation (Anthony Flannery)
20: Chiller (jhaydon)
21: Chiller (jhaydon)
22: Chiller (jhaydon)
23: Innotec Status Update (Anthony Flannery)
24: innotec time today (Wonill Ha)
25: innotec now available thursday May 3, 11AM-8PM (Vikram Bala)
26: 1 hour needed (Dan Grupp)
27: done early (Thomas.Wray.Tombler.Stanford.EDU, Jr)
28: Innotec Res. Cancelled (Barden Shimbo)
29: reservation today (Tom)
30: innotec problem report (Jing Kong)
31: I took Tom's reservation (Dan Grupp)
32: done early (Dan Grupp)
33: E-gun Power Supply (Dick Crane)
34: Cr/Au? (Mary Tang)
35: Innotec repair status (Dick Crane)
36: System status (Dick Crane)
37: status report (Dick Crane)
38: New drawer (Jim Haydon)
39: Equipment Signs (Jeannie Perez)
40: Shielding installation Tuesday (Dick Crane)
41: Implementing zip lock bags! (Jeannie Perez)
42: Forwarding Film on Innotec (Jeannie Perez)
43: cancelled my reservation (carl mccarty faulkner)
44: deleted reservation Wednesday afternoon (Yahong Yao)
45: Innotec Users (Jeannie Perez)
46: Calibration needs to be done on Innotec (Jeannie Perez)
47: Fill in logsheet (Jeannie Perez)
48: one day shutdown (Len Booth)
49: Machine available from 8 AM to noon (Ben Jian)
50: Reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
51: New gold pellets found in the crusible (Fu-Min Wang)
52: Reminder! (Jeannie Perez)
53: Innotec avail. on 10/17 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (Wang, Li-peng)
54: reservation removed today at 4 30pm (Marco Rolandi)
55: Reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
56: Ti target still in chamber (CARL FAULKNER)
57: Re: Ti target still in chamber (Fu-Min Wang)
58: Reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
59: reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
60: reservation removed (Xiaolei Liu)
61: reservation removed from 10pm (
62: Innotec free this morning (CARL FAULKNER)
63: removed reservation 3:30-6:30pm today (Michael West Wiemer)
64: Removed Reservation 2:30-6:30pm today (Michael West Wiemer)
65: valve replacement (Jim Haydon)
66: cancellation today 2-6pm (
67: reservation cancel 1830-2300 tonight (Fu-Min Wang)
68: innotec is available from 14:00 to 20:00 today. finished early (Shide Cheng)
69: Please Read about the Innotec (Jeannie Perez)
70: Please be aware! (Jeannie Perez)
71: Innotec available from now to 8:30 PM (Ben Jian)
72: res canceled today 10am-2pm (Vincenzo Lordi)
73: display and measurement (Yahong Yao)
74: Re: display and measurement (Eric Perozziello)
75: Does anyone know where the Ti is? IGNORE this msg on Tuesday (Dan Grupp)
78: res canceled wed 2/19 3-7pm (Vincenzo Lordi)
79: this afternoon's reservation cancelled (Chongfei Shen)
80: cancellation Thurs 2/20 9am-1pm (Vincenzo Lordi)
81: cancelation Tues 2/25 9am-1pm (Vincenzo Lordi)
82: need half hour :) (Dan Grupp)
83: Cancel reservation (Mahnaz)
84: innotec res removed 1900-2230 (Dan Grupp)
85: New Vacuum hose (Jeannie Perez)
86: reservation tomorrow 10am-2pm cancelled (Qi Ye)
87: Reservation cancelled tomorrow 15:00-19:00 (Hendrik Bluhm)
88: Innotec free at 17:30 today (Colby Bellew)
89: Be careful! wafer holders could fall off (Fu-Min Wang)
90: Reservation on innotec tomorrow 15:00 canceled (Hendrik Bluhm)
91: Canceled reservation tomorrow noon (Hendrik Bluhm)
92: Reservation available tomorrow, 3/31, afternoon (James Liu)
93: Innotec free tonight (Colby Bellew)
94: Reservation cancelled (liux)
95: Innotec reservation cancel 17:30-22:00 (Seth Robert Bank)
96: forgot to turn sign back to "empty" (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
97: bell jar left open (Carl Faulkner)
98: Reservation cancelled (liux)
99: Innotec - Cancel midnight-8:00am (Seth Robert Bank)