Subject: Reservations reminder
From: Mary Tang <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 13:20:30 -0800

Dear Innotec users --

We realize reservations are difficult.   Although the innotec is 
arguably the most heavily booked tool in the lab (> 90%), it is not the 
most heavily utilized at only 58% (time enabled by labmembers versus 
time the machine is available for use, for Nov, 2012.  By comparison, 
Epi2 was at 73%.)

This would suggest that the innotec community could improve on 
reservation use, as the machine seems to have several hours of idle time 
each day on average.  As we wind down towards lab shutdown, and many are 
trying to finish up, it would help everyone if you could observe the 

1. delete reservations you can't use, as soon as possible -- and send a 
note to innotec@snf to let everyone know.
2.  Share the ride -- use the innotec@snf list to "carpool" on common 
films.  If it helps, we staff can help you manage splitting or 
transferring costs on Coral.
3.  Work with each other.  Talk with each other.  Contact your favorite 
staff member if there are issues.

Processing can be unpredictable - especially when reservations are a 
week in advance.  But if everyone communicates and works together, we 
can all make better use of this scarce resource.

Thanks for your attention --

Your SNF Staff