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01: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
02: Re: SF6 (Bob Wheeler)
03: Question on Oxide Etching in MRC (Jim McVittie)
04: MRC update (Nancy Latta)
05: High Leak Rate in MRC (Jim McVittie)
06: MRC Status (Jim McVittie)
07: Re: Problem mrc 2001-04-12 20:43:09: mrc peak voltage meter reads zero (fwd) (Jim McVittie)
08: ITO (Jonathan Mickle Ziebarth)
09: Plasma Etching Gold (arvind sundaramurthy)
10: one day shutdown (Len Booth)
11: etching SiN on Pt? (Yves Acremann)
12: SiO2 recipies for MRC (acremann.SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
13: Freon-115 (C2ClF5) (Len Booth)
14: Freon115 nears empty (Dick Crane)
15: Re: Freon115 nears empty] (Dick Crane)
16: Near end of F-115 (Len Booth)
17: Freon115 changes to Freon22 tomorrow (Dick Crane)
18: Ar+ sputter etching Au on AlGaAs (Vincenzo Lordi)
19: Eat to live, not live to eat (Gore)
20: Pyrex etching (Praveen P.S.)
21: MRC Quartz (Cesar M Baxter)
22: Shutdown (Cesar M Baxter)
23: Education Discounts on Microsoft, Adobe, & Symantec (Education Software)
24: Reservation for this afternoon canceled (Elizabeth Ann Hager-Barnard)
25: SiO2 etch rate (Sung-Woo Kim)
26: Metal sputter etching on MRC (Morgan Mager)
27: Deep Academic Software Discounts (Computer Products for Education)
28: MRC manometer ETA (Elmer Enriquez)
29: sputter etching of metals (Tulapurkar, Ashwin)
30: Autodesk AutoCAD Education Sale (CPE AutoCAD Educational Sales)
31: etching SiO2 with chrome/gold as mask (Prasad Viswanathan Ganesan)
32: Education Software News - December 2006 (Education Software News)
33: MRC reservation removed (Robin King)
34: MRC free Thursday morning until 10:30am (Gloria Man Ting Wong)
35: Academic Software News - January 2007 (Academic Software News)
36: Educational Software Sale - February 2007 (Educational Software Newsletter)
37: Proper usage: MRC and Metalica (Eric Perozziello)
38: Out of Reon 22 (Mary Tang)
39: Educational Software Sale - March 2007 (Educational Software Newsletter)
40: Academic Software News - May 2007 (Academic Software News)
41: MRC Recipe for Etching Tungsten (Jenny Hu)
42: the mrc mchine is available (Francisco Madriz)
43: cancelled reservation (Kris Gleason)
44: Education Software News - June 2007 (Education Software News)
45: Educational Software Sale - August 2007 (Educational Software Newsletter)
46: Educational Software Sale - September 2007 (Educational Software Newsletter)
47: mrc free 9:30-1:30pm, sample not ready (Wei Wang)
48: mrc free: 16:00-17:30pm today (Wei Wang)
49: Education Software News - November 2007 (Education Software News)
50: move mrc session from 10am-12:30pm to 12:30pm-3pm (Yao-Te Cheng)
51: mrc free from 6-8pm today: sample not ready (Wei Wang)
52: Academic Software News - December 2007 (Academic Software News)
53: mrc free from 1pm to 4pm (SangBum Kim)
54: Educational Software News - January 2008 (Educational Software Newsletter)
55: Education Software News - February 2008 (Education Software News)
56: mrc free 9pm-11pm tonight (Wei Wang)
57: Educational Software News - April 2008 (Educational Software Newsletter)
58: free now (John Ross Jameson)
59: I'll take 3:30:00~4:30pm. Re: free now (Ying Chen)
60: Education Software News - May 2008 (Education Software News)
61: MRC reservation released, now-noon (I-Kang Ding)
62: MRC reservation released, now-3:30 (I-Kang Ding)
63: Academic Software News - September 2008 (Academic Software News)
64: MRC free 2-4:30 today (Laura Hughes)
65: free now (1.5 hrs early) (John Ross Jameson)
66: Educational Software News - November 2008 (Educational Software Newsletter)
67: Reservation released 12:00 - 15:00 today (Crystal Rose Kenney)
68: MRC Released most of the rest of the day (Nathan Salowitz)
69: Power levels and bias voltage on the MRC .... (John Shott)
70: Reservation released 2pm - 5 pm (Xiao Hann Lim)
71: Rebuilt diffusion pump .... (John Shott)
72: Information about CF4 etching? (Xiangyu Chen)
73: mrc finished but can not be disabled by coral (Zhiqiang Guo)
74: mrc released sat 4-7pm (Marlene Ferrier)
75: mrc free 2-5pm (Li-Wen Chang)
76: MRC free 7-10pm today (Li-Wen Chang)
77: mrc problem (Zhiqiang Guo)
78: mrc inside glass (Zhiqiang Guo)
79: Free from 7PM to 12PM Tonite (Pradeep Nataraj)
80: Freon 23 update .... (John Shott)
81: MRC free 2-5pm today (Thomas O'Sullivan)
82: MRC free 2~6pm today. (Ying Chen)
83: MRC released today, 3-6 p.m. (Laura Hughes)
84: Freon 23 update ... (John Shott)
85: Re: Freon 23 update ... (ben.jian)
86: mrc Friday 8am slot removed (Zhiqiang Guo)
87: MRC Recipy for Si etching (Jiale Liang)
88: gold sputtering (Sonny Vo)
89: mrc free today, Friday 11-13-09 now to midnight EOM (jim kruger)
90: MRC free now, released Tuesday 8pm-midnight (J. Jason Lin)
91: reservation released (Frank Feldmann)
92: Released time at 4:30pm, will start a bit later (Dany Ly-Gagnon)
93: Si etching recipe? (Noureddine Tayebi)
94: Warning: No CF4 gas (Mary Tang)
95: Re: Warning: No CF4 gas (Mary Tang)
96: MRC free from 8 to 11:30 PM (SangBum Kim)
97: MRC Update .... (John Shott)
98: Pumping system operational again .... (John Shott)
99: Re: Pumping system operational again .... (Mihir Tendulkar)