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01: Re: post HBr rinse (fwd) (Nancy Latta)
02: Out of BCL3 (Jim McVittie)
03: Nitride etch rates? (Nancy Latta)
04: The P5000 is available for use. (Len Booth)
05: No More Dummy Wafers to be Provided (Jim McVittie)
06: Out of HBr (Jim McVittie)
07: Out of HBr (Jim McVittie)
08: gas availability (Len Booth)
09: removed my reservation from 2 to 4pm today! (Chi On Chui)
10: HBr gas (Dick Crane)
11: HBr (Dick Crane)
12: HBr (Ray Seymour)
13: Problems with Thick Resist in Etchers (Jim McVittie)
14: Unstable pressure at CHB (Song Pang)
15: P5000 Ch C Silicon etch status (Len Booth)
16: Wafer Sequence on P5000 (Len Booth)
17: Toxic gas shutdown Aug. 6 (Dick Crane)
18: Toxic gas tests complete (Dick Crane)
19: Etcher reserved all tomorrow (8/22) (Nancy Latta)
20: Done! (Nancy Latta)
21: HBr gas is not available at this time. (Len Booth)
22: HBr is available again (Len Booth)
23: HBR status (ray seymour)
24: CH.A Timed program (Randy True)
25: Re: CH.A Timed program (Nancy Latta)
26: Re: CH.A Timed program (Song Pang)
27: Re: CH.A Timed program (Song Pang)
28: P5000 recipes (Len Booth)
29: etch logs and season wafers (Randy True)
30: P5000etch Ch.B oxide etch is down (Len Booth)
31: Chamber B parts (Len Booth)
32: P5000etch Oxide chamber (Len Booth)
33: Reservation limits (Nancy Latta)
34: Arcing Problem (Jim McVittie)
35: P5000 Logbook (Jim McVittie)
36: Contamination Tests in P5000 Chamber A (Jim McVittie)
37: Gas bottle checks (Ray Seymour)
38: finished early, 4pm (
39: Procedure for Eliminating Grass During Si Trench Etch (Jim McVittie)
40: one day shutdown (Len Booth)
41: won't need 22:00-24:00 tonight (Rob Norris Candler)
42: P5000etch Shutdown (Len Booth)
43: Reservation restrictions (Nancy Latta)
44: Re: Wafer in Finger Prints in p5000etch] (Jim McVittie)
45: P5000 available from 13:30 to 15:00 5/20 (Takahisa Kato)
46: p5000 free from 20:30~22:30 (Woo-Tae Park)
47: Re: p5000 free from 20:30~22:30 (Gary Yama)
48: P5000 available from 10:30 to 12:30 5/29 (Takahisa Kato)
49: p5000 available from 3:30 till 5:30 pm (Kim, Han-jun)
50: Bashar's Reservation Cancelled for 6/11/03 (Shabbir A. Bashar, Ph.D.)
51: Question about Silicon Dry Etch (Shabbir A. Bashar, Ph.D.)
52: P5000etch Ch.C is ready (Len Booth)
53: Chamber C Wafer Sticking Problem Poll (Jim McVittie)
54: Re: Chamber C Wafer Sticking Problem Poll (Shabbir A. Bashar, Ph.D.)
55: Re: Chamber C Wafer Sticking Problem Poll (Jim McVittie)
56: Re: Chamber C Wafer Sticking Problem Poll (Shabbir A. Bashar, Ph.D.)
57: P5000etch Chamber C recipes (Len Booth)
58: p5000 13:00-14:30 free (Onur KILIC)
59: Ch-C ok to use (Cesar Baxter)
60: done early, P5000 free now (Rob Norris Candler)
61: P5000etch Ch A status Dec 10 (Len Booth)
62: how to process double polished wafer in P5000? (Zhengyu Wang)
63: P5000etch is available for use (Han Jun Kim)
64: Ch.A etch rates and selectivity (Rohit Sudhir Shenoy)
65: cancelled reservation from 7:30pm-10pm (Rohit Sudhir Shenoy)
66: machine available from 1-6 PM, wafer not ready (ben.jian)
67: p5000 is available from 11 am (Kim, Han-jun)
68: finished early. releasing time 6PM ~ midnight (Woo-Tae Park)
69: Chlorine and BCl3 gas cylinder change (Elmer Enriquez)
70: Did not make it to my 9am reservation, please use. Thanks, Ignacio (Ignacio A. Zuleta)
71: Re: Cancelled Reservation today from 2pm-4pm (C. Richter)
72: chamber C qeustion (Ilya Fushman)
73: Re: chamber C qeustion (Jim McVittie)
74: Characterized recipes on the p5000? (Chuck)
75: Residue Dots after Aluminum Etch (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
76: Will not make 11:30 tool time (Brewer, Rhett T)
77: backside protection? (Ankur Jain)
78: HBR leak- Poly etch not available. (Nancy Latta)
79: Status of HBr gas for poly etch (Dick Crane)
80: HBr gas status (Dick Crane)
81: HBr is back on-line (Dick Crane)
82: p5000 free from 16:00-18:00 today (Evelyn Wang)
83: p5000 Reservation Cancelled (Jinendra Raja Jain)
84: Undercutting of 2um wide 1um thick wires (Ching-Hsiang Cheng)
85: Re: Undercutting of 2um wide 1um thick wires (Jim McVittie)
86: PLEASE PLEASE help with STS etcher footing problem (Elvis Der-Song Lin)
87: Re: PLEASE PLEASE help with STS etcher footing problem (Alissa M. Fitzgerald)
88: HBr panel replacement (Elmer Enriquez)
89: Re: HBr panel replacement (Elmer Enriquez)
90: Etch rates of PMMA and Oxide (Maria Makarova)
91: looking for help with Ti/Al etching in P5000 (Elvis Der-Song Lin)
92: NF3 gas cylinder change notice (Elmer Enriquez)
93: p5000etch reservation released now to 2pm (not ready yet) (Bongsang Kim)
94: reservations removed (Robin King)
95: etching SiO2 in deep trenches (Huang Kevin)
96: oxide etching anisotropy (Huang Kevin)
97: P5000etch is available for use (Kim, Han-Jun)
98: is P5000 not usable now? (Huang Kevin)
99: p5000 Reservation removed - Sun 17:00-19:30 (Renata Melamud)