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01: Wafer carrier (Helen L. Kung)
02: Pquest is up. (Len Booth)
03: Problems with pquest mailing list ... (John Shott)
04: Re: Problems with pquest mailing list ... (Matthew A Pelton)
05: Plasma Quest status 03/15/01 (Len Booth)
06: Nitride testing (Matthew A Pelton)
07: Cl2 offset (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
08: Plasma Quest Cl2 (Chien Chung Lin)
09: Re: Plasma Quest Cl2 (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
10: PlasmaQuest this weekend (Matthew A Pelton)
11: Reschedule nitride (Matthew A Pelton)
12: PQuest etch monitor system (Rafael Aldaz)
13: Reservation of PlasmaQuest (Matthew A Pelton)
14: Plasma Quest status 06/05/01 (Len Booth)
15: Plasma Quest status 06/08/01 (Len Booth)
16: PQuest clamp sensor problem (Janice Catherine Wynn)
17: Re: PQuest clamp sensor problem (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
18: Toxic gas shutdown Aug. 6 (Dick Crane)
19: Pquest is up again (Len Booth)
20: Toxic gas tests complete (Dick Crane)
21: HBr gas is not available at this time. (Len Booth)
22: HBr is available again (Len Booth)
23: shutdown (Cesar Baxter)
24: Nitride Deposition (Jim McVittie)
25: Password (Henry Phan)
26: Pquest gas flows (Len Booth)
27: pquest available for use without Cl2 (Dick Crane)
28: pquest Cl2 ok to use (Dick Crane)
29: Removed reservation 10:30-12:30 (Daniel Weaver)
30: PQuest Operating Procedure (Henry Phan)
31: Tool down (Daniel Weaver)
32: Pquest is ready for seasoning (Len Booth)
33: PQ working right now (Yi Dong)
34: Pquest status 05/09/02 (Len Booth)
35: pquest status (Dick Crane)
36: low temp operation (Randy True)
37: Report on Recent PlasmaQuest Problem (Jim McVittie)
38: Re: Report on Recent PlasmaQuest Problem (Vijit Sabnis)
39: Re: Report on Recent PlasmaQuest Problem (Daniel Weaver)
40: no bias = bad etch (Randy True)
41: Re: no bias = bad etch (Jim McVittie)
42: Pquest Chlorine flow rates (Len Booth)
43: gas bottle checks (Ray Seymour)
44: gas bottle checks (Ray Seymour)
45: Pquest Maintenance Shutdown (Len Booth)
46: Re: Report on Recent PlasmaQuest Problem (Jim McVittie)
47: Re: Report on Recent PlasmaQuest Problem (Yi Dong)
48: Plasma Quest update June 27 (Len Booth)
49: Pquest status July 2,2002 (Len Booth)
50: Pquest status July 3, 2002 (Len Booth)
51: current shutdown (Randy True)
52: Plasma Quest status July 16 (Len Booth)
53: diagnostic etch wafers and processes (Randy True)
54: Re: diagnostic etch wafers and processes (Vijit Sabnis)
55: Re: diagnostic etch wafers and processes (Yi Dong)
56: Pquest status Thursday 7/18/02 (Len Booth)
57: Pquest status Monday July 22, 2002 (Len Booth)
58: Pquest status July 25, 2002 (Len Booth)
59: Pquest not ready for public - yet (Len Booth)
60: Passdown (fwd) (Vijit Sabnis)
61: etch summary (Randy True)
62: Re: Passdown (fwd) (Jim McVittie)
63: update on etching rate (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
64: PQuest (Cesar Baxter)
65: one day shutdown (Len Booth)
66: Coral (Cesar Baxter)
67: shutdown (Cesar Baxter)
68: Online (Cesar Baxter)
69: bias good (Evan Thrush)
70: free from 4:30 to 8:00p (Carl Faulkner)
71: pquest available from 2 to 4 pm (Kim, Han-jun)
72: canceled reservation for Tues night (Carl Faulkner)
73: pquest help (
74: pquest available from 3:30 till 6 pm (Kim, Han-jun)
75: PQuest 6-9pm today (Mark Wistey)
76: resv Thurs 9-11am canceled (Randy True)
77: double sided copper tape... (David Fattal)
78: pquest available from 4:30~6:30 pm today (Kim, Han-jun)
79: reservation today canceled 10-2pm, machine open now (Randy True)
80: request for a pquest user meeting very soon (Randy True)
81: PlasmaQuest Use (Jim McVittie)
82: Re: request for a pquest user meeting very soon (Mark Wistey)
83: Re: PlasmaQuest Use (Randy True)
84: Pepsi Challenge (Randy True)
85: Re: Pepsi Challenge (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
86: Re: PlasmaQuest Use (Jim McVittie)
87: reservation tonight canceled 7pm on (Randall True)
88: my last etch info (Luigi Scaccabarozzi)
89: Re: my last etch info (Jim McVittie)
90: Pquest is off Shutdow & ready again. Len (Len Booth)
91: pquest free until 1:00 p.m. (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
92: Sunday res removed. (
93: pquest res removed. (
94: Reservation Time (Henry Phan)
95: reservation open 12-3 wednesday (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
96: user meeting (Kai-Mei Camilla Fu)
97: PQuest Time Split (Jim McVittie)
98: Re: user meeting (Mark Wistey)
99: Restrictions on PQuest Training (Jim McVittie)