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01: SEM (Paul Jerabek)
02: SEM is up (Paul Jerabek)
03: cancelled reservation (Farhat Quli)
04: SCALE BAR FIXED! (Dan Grupp)
05: settings... (Dan Grupp)
06: Should be ready by now! (Chi On Chui)
07: SEM cancellation March 2 today 18:00 -20:00 (Keisuke Morishima)
08: SEM cancellation March 2 today 16:00 -18:00 (Chris Kenney)
09: reservations (Tom)
10: Re: reservations (Paul Jerabek)
11: SEM (Linda Wells)
12: released time (Brian Joseph Greene)
13: not using reservation right now (Mohammed H. Badi)
14: I have canceled my reservation from 6-8pm. Sorry for the late notice. (Gary Yama)
15: Re: not using reservation right now (Hiroyuki Wada)
16: Cancel reservation 17:30-19:30 (Kris Vossough)
17: free time (Hiroyuki Wada)
18: time hogging (Aaron Partridge)
19: reservation (Aaron Partridge)
20: Re: reservation (Mary Tang)
21: Flashing the tip (Nathan Morris)
22: an apology (Aaron Partridge)
23: clear sem (Mike Martinez)
24: cancel reservation today 3-4pm (Natalie S Lui)
25: SEM sample holder was dropped inside the chamber (Dunwei Wang)
26: res 1530 open (Tom)
27: Re: cancelled reservation (Nabeel Ibrahim)
28: SEM free now (King Ho Holden Li)
29: SEM shutdown (Paul Jerabek)
30: Semicaps Genie capture software for SEM (Michael Deal)
31: shutdown (Paul Jerabek)
32: SEM back on line (Paul Jerabek)
33: Reservation for SEM not used today from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. (Mei, Ping)
34: SEM (Paul Jerabek)
35: IMMEDIATE ACTION REQ: Please review the equipment reservation guidelines on SEMHITACHI and adjust your reservations accordingly. (James Conway)
36: SEM free 15:00 - 17:00 (Hiroyuki Wada)
37: Re: SEM free 15:00 - 17:00 (Tom)
38: semhitachi down thru afternoon FRIDAY (James Conway)
39: semhitachi is up and running... (James Conway)
40: reservation at 11:30 cancelled (Dunwei Wang)
41: SEMHITACHI down until noon MONDAY (James Conway)
42: semhitachi down until noon Tuesday (James Conway)
43: Reservation cancelled: Thursday 1800-2000 (Yahong Yao)
44: free 1900-2100 (Tom)
45: SEM Session 10- 12 today cancelled available for your use.. (James Conway)
46: res rem 1900-2100 (Tom)
47: Re: cancelled reservation for Tues morning (Nabeel Ibrahim)
48: regarding SEM reservations (Nabeel Ibrahim)
49: Reservations! (Mary Tang)
50: Re: cancelled reservations 4:30-6pm (Nabeel Ibrahim)
51: SEM Free from 15:00 to 17:00 tomorrow (Hemanth Jagannathan)
52: Maint cancelled, free 1:00 to 3:00 today (Dick Crane)
53: Re: Maint cancelled, free 1:00 to 3:00 today (Lian Zhang)
54: Re: regarding SEM reservations (James Conway)
55: remove res 1800-1900 (Tom)
56: cancel res. 18:00-20:00, today (Kris Vossough)
57: RES 1700-1800 removed (Tom)
58: late notice -- open time (Aaron Partridge)
59: semhitachi down for maintenance from 9:30 AM to ~3 PM WED. (James Conway)
60: reservation 6-7 cancelled (Dunwei Wang)
61: Please remove your non ebeam patterns and files from SHADES. (James Conway)
62: sem reservation canceled today 16:30-18:30 (Yves-Alain Peter)
63: SEM reservation canceled from 3:00pm to 5:30pm today (Yves-Alain Peter)
64: Reservation cancelled 12 Jun 13:30-15:00 (Onur Kilic)
65: Canceld res 1030-1230 friday (Pat Castle)
66: removed reservation today; 17:00-19:00 (Kris Vossough)
67: Cancelling Reservation 3-5 pm (Kailash)
68: stop stealing the sample holders (Randy True)
69: Re: stop stealing the sample holders (Nong Chen)
70: Re: stop stealing the sample holders. [Lab area materials use and Cleanliness of Labs.] (James Conway)
71: reservation removal (Vijit Sabnis)
72: Hitachi Field service visit WED, and messages. (James Conway)
73: Re: stop stealing the sample holders. [Lab area materials use and Cleanliness of Labs.] (Nong Chen)
74: Please bring the dovetails and mounts back to the semlab. (James Conway)
75: SEM free 10am-12 (Jien Cao)
76: sem res cancelled (Anuranjita Tewary)
77: finish early (Dunwei Wang)
78: sem free mon at 4 pm (Mark Elias)
79: Reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
80: Reservation cancelled from 2-4pm today (Khanh Nguyen)
81: Reservation cancelled (Xiaolei Liu)
82: reservation removed (6:30-8pm) (Jien Cao)
83: reservation removed 3-4pm (Vijit Sabnis)
84: reservation removed 1:30-3 (Helen L. Kung)
85: sem free at 1pm (Hatice Altug)
86: Reservation cancelled from 9-10am tomorrow (Khanh Nguyen)
87: Fixed Semicaps line problem on Hitachi 800 SEM (Jim McVittie)
88: SEM 12:30-2pm free today (Ke Wang)
89: Reservation cancelled from 10-10:30 and 16-16:30 today (Khanh Nguyen)
90: free 4:30~6:30PM today. (Woo-Tae Park)
91: sem free from 6PM ~ 8PM today. (Woo-Tae Park)
92: Re: sem free from 6PM ~ 8PM today. (Fu-Min Wang)
93: Re: sem free from 11:00-12:00noon (Rajesh Gupta)
94: Semhitachi back up! (James Conway)
95: Re: please, please change the SEM reservation policy (James Conway)
96: semhitachi down until further notice:: Up Monday? (James Conway)
97: res removed today from 4pm to 6pm (Yves-Alain Peter)
98: equip avail now to 7pm (Yves-Alain Peter)
99: semhitachi in yellow light mode, gun/aperture alignments issues. (James Conway)