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Aditya Agarwal, Ph.D.
Contact:Contact: or (408) 507 4110

Mary Calarrudo
More info:
Experienced in process development of memory and other devices.

Benjamin Chui, Ph.D.
More info:
Specializing in MEMS design, process development, prototyping, and transfer to foundry. Also providing services in hi-tech illustration and animation. For more information, see

Rostam Dinyari, Ph.D., Stanford University
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Specializing in MEMS, Bio-MEMS, photonics, and solar. Design, simulation, design, process development, and transfer to foundry.
Contact: rostam[at]stanford[dot]edu

A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC
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Areas of expertise: MEMS prototyping (mask and process design, fab, and packaging), ANSYS modeling, custom research, and technical due diligence. We specialize in the design/fab of physical sensors, cantilevers, piezoresistors, and bulk micromachining techniques. We have a diverse vendor network for sourcing jobs that can not be done at the SNF and our foundry relationships facilitate tech transfer for volume manufacturing.We are experienced SNF users who have already built several successful MEMS prototypes for our clients. For more information on who we are, what we do, and our client list, please see our website at:
Contact: or (650)592 6100

Kathy Jackson
408-888-7884 cell phone

Aleta Jamora

Jim Kruger, Ph.D.

Pradeep Nataraj
Contact: or 415-766-1382

Mike Tan, Ph.D.
Specializes in the design and manufacturing of microneedles, micronozzles, mono pore membranes, and 2D/3D microfluidic systems. Please visit for detailed information. Contact:

Linda Whittelsey