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The SNF Affiliates Program Prospectus


The SNF Affiliates program is a partnership between SNF and our industrial member organizations to cultivate a world-class, applied research laboratory for the fabrication of nanoscale structures and devices.  Membership fees go to support new tools and capabilities, as well as facilitate programs to improve lab operations with regard to safety, equipment, and education.

SNF values our industrial labmembers.  Success at SNF is measured not only by the many member students who graduate, but also by the devices that become commercialized.  The SNF Affiliates program provides a forum for our most committed industrial members in order to better serve our mutual research and fabrication objectives.

Benefits of Membership

The SNF Affiliates is the industrial counterpart to the academic SNF Faculty Advisory group.   Benefits of Affiliate membership include:

  • Access to SNF equipment at academic rates.
  • Membership in AdCom meetings with Operations and Faculty Directors.

Membership is NOT required for access; SNF remains committed to supporting small businesses and independent experimenters.  Instead, Affiliates membership serves our most committed and consistently active industrial researchers through active engagement.

Membership Fees and Discounts

A fee is required for each labmember covered under Affiliate membership, payable at the start of the membership term. Affiliate membership is on an annual basis; fees may be paid on a quarterly or annually. Membership allows equipment use by the Affiliate’s designated labmember to be charged at rate that is currently equivalent to the Academic rate.  This presents a final cost savings of over 15%, compared with the standard Industrial rate.



SNF Affiliates/Academic Rate

Industrial Rate

SNF Affiliates Quarterly Fee



SNF Affiliates Annual Fee



Base Rate per hour

$75.00 ($117.75)

$150.00 ($235.50)

Monthly Cap

$3000 ($4710)

$6000 ($9420)

Notched Cap

$18.85 ($29.44)

$37.50 ($58.88)

Total for 3 months capped use*



Total for 12 months capped use*



*Cost for one labmember who caps each month, but does not exceed the notch cap.

The Affiliates rate applies only to the named labmember’s work performed for the member Affiliate organization.  Affiliates membership is not transferrable except under the terms outlined in the Affiliates Agreement form.

For More Information

To learn more about the SNF Affiliates program, contact Aubrey Martinez, SNF Program Manager.