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CIS New User Grants


Grant Description

In order to encourage new researchers to make use of SNF, the Stanford Center for Integrated Systems generously supports the CIS New User Grant Program which provides funds to cover laboratory and fabrication costs for research projects at the SNF. Principal Investigators from any university other than Stanford are eligible for this program. Awards are typically in the range of $2K to a maximum of $5K, with the possibility of renewal in exceptional cases. This is generally sufficient funding to support 1-3 months of work in the lab.


Grant Guidelines

  1. The applicant must be a faculty member or PI at a recognized university who has not previously been a PI on an SNF project.
  2. In keeping with NSF sponsorship of the NNIN, of which SNF is a member, preference will be given to faculty who have received NSF Research Initiation Awards, or NSF
    Career Advancement Awards for Minorities or Women, or to their students who are supported with NSF Fellowships.
  3. Preference may be given to PI's lacking sponsored project support which might otherwise cover SNF lab expenses.
  4. The grants may only be applied towardlaboratory fees at SNF, which include equipment usage, training, and staff support. The grants are typically sufficient to cover several
    months of laboratory fees depending on the level of usage.
  5. The grant awards may not be used to support salary, travel, equipment purchase, or non-SNF laboratory expenses.
  6. Recipients are expected to provide a one-page, project status report on an annual basis.
  7. User Grants expire after one year, but carry over and renewals will be considered on request.
  8. PI and Primary Contact of record will be contacted via email regarding expirations, renewals, and project status requests. If there is no response via email, it will be
    assumed that the grant is no longer needed and funds are subject to reallocation to other projects.

Grant should be completed using this form. Any questions about this grant should be directed to the Program Manager.