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Forms Required

Category Forms Required for New Project/Account
Stanford University/SLAC

Non-Stanford University/SLAC
Outside Academic
and Industry/Goverment

To add a new labmember to an existing account/project, the following are required: 

A description of each form is below. Email or send forms to:

Labmember Services
CIS Room 043, Mail Code 4070
420 Via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA. 94305-4070

Please allow at least three working days to process registration. Follow-up with Labmember Services to ensure all forms have been received and are complete.

Project Form:

All new Projects require this form (new labmembers joining existing Projects do not need this form). Organizations new to SNF will require a review with a Technical Liaison to ensure feasibility - namely, does SNF have the resources to meet your project needs? (SNF does not review proposals for scientific merit as presumably your funding agency has already done this!)

Labmembership Form:

This form, to be filled out by each Labmember, gives us your contact and billing information and must be filled out each time there is a change in either of these.

Agreement Form:

This form states the policies and conditions for doing work At SNF. It must be signed and submitted by every non-Stanford Labmember, including Remote Users, before accounts are issued and work commences. Please read this carefully before signing and submitting.