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Forms Required

Category Forms Required for New Account/Project
Stanford University/SLAC
Outside Academic

To add a new user to an existing account/project, the following are required: 

A description of each form is below. Send or fax printed forms to:

Labmember Services Administrator
CIS Room 043, Mail Code 4070
420 Via Palou Mall
Stanford, CA. 94305-4070
Fax: (650) 723-7300

Forms may also be emailed as attachments to faciliate registration, but we will require signed paper forms for our files before your registration can be completed. Please allow at least three working days to process registration. Follow-up with Labmember Services Administrator to ensure all forms have been received and are complete.

Project Proposal Form:

All new Projects require this form (new labmembers joining existing Projects do not need this form). Organizations new to SNF will require a review with a Technical Liaison to ensure feasibility - namely, does SNF have the resources to meet your project needs? (SNF does not review proposals for scientific merit as presumably your funding agency has already done this!)

User Information Form:

This form, to be filled out by each Labmember, gives us your contact and billing information and must be filled out each time there is a change in either of these.

Agreement Form:

This form states the policies and conditions for doing work At SNF. It must be signed and submitted by every non-Stanford Labmember, including Remote Users, before accounts are issued and work commences. Please read this carefully before signing and submitting.