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Eligibility: Labmembership at SNF is open to anyone from any academic, government, private or industrial organization for any type of research and development activity acceptable within Stanford University Academic Research Policies and Procedures. Researchers not already affiliated with Stanford must abide by the guidelines set in the Agreement Form. Commercial activities (ie production of devices for sale) are strictly prohibited; although broadly defined R&D, such as development of prototypes, are within the scope of acceptable activities.


Join the Lab:

  1. Discuss your new project with a Technical Liaison.
  2. If you wish to be a remote user (your work done by SNF staff) rather than an on-site user, see our special Processing Services pages
  3. Determine your Labmember category
  4. Submit the appropriate forms
  5. Make billing arrangements (see forms and fees)
  6. Create your Lab login.
  7. Register for the Lab Orientation and Safety Training Class (On-Site Labmembers)