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Intro and Lab Safety Course

The Intro & Lab Safety course is required for all new labmembers. To complete the course:

  1. Register by contacting Labmember Services.
    • All forms and accounting information must be complete and submitted by 5:00pm the Wednesday before the safety course. You will be notified by email confirming your registration.
  2. View the training videos (total ~ 45 minutes):
  3. Read the lab manuals:
  4. Complete the safety test:
    • A safety test and other materials will be provided to you on registration. The test must be complete and turned in before the safety tour. Everything needed to complete the safety test can be found in the videos and lab manuals.
  5. Complete the safety tour.
    • Staff-guided safety tours are conducted every Monday afternoon at 1:30 pm; if it is a University holiday, the tour will be held at 1:30 pm Tuesday.
    • For the lab tour, you will be donning a head-to-toe bunnysuit over your regular clothes, so you must wear appropriate attire:
      • light, comfortable clothing (heavy sweaters or long, narrow skirts are not recommended);
      • fully enclosed shoes (no sandals or open-toe shoes).
      • If you wear a brimmed hat or other large headcovering, please be prepared to remove it for the tour.

On completion of the safety tour, you may begin scheduling and taking training immediately. The safety course is valid as long as there is documentable equipment use. The course must be retaken if there is no equipment use or training in the lab within six months of joining. It also must be retaken if there is no equipment use for more than one year.