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Technical Liaisons


All new Project Proposals...

...must be reviewed with our Technical Liaisons; not for technical merit (your funding source has already established this), but only to affirm your expectations can be met in our lab. Our Liaisons are experienced in fabrication technologies and routinely work with a wide variety of projects. They can advise you on the feasibility, turnaround, and cost of your Project, and can also advise you of additional resources available at Stanford and our network Partners. If you are a Remote User, this discussion is essential to making sure we have a mutual understanding of your project goals.

If you are a new Labmember being added to an existing project, a Technical Liaison meeting is not required, although always welcome.

Technical Liaisons (see staff list for contact details):

Swaroop Kommera : MEMS, solar, optics, packaging, novel structures

Michelle Rincon: Nanostructures, electronics device processing, atomic layer deposition

Usha Raghuram: Electronics device processing, integration, etching

Xiaqing Xu: Nanostructures, nanodevices, specializing in GaAs/GaN

Mary Tang: Biological/chemical analysis, microfluidics, MEMS