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Creating a New SNF Lab Account


What you will need

  Stanford Non-Stanford
1.Stanford PTA # (University account identified by a 7-10 numbers followed by five letters.) Your Finance Admin will have assigned this on your User Info Form. If joining an existing project, this is on your User Info Form. If a new project, you will need to wait for SNF Lab Services to inform you of the PTA number the University has assigned, typically 3-5 days after paperwork has been submitted.
2. University ID This will be the number on your Stanford ID card. This will be the number on the visitor key card that the SNF Lab Services Administrator will assign to you.
3. SUNet ID (a unique, Stanford University login which allows access to the university network systems.) This is your Stanford University system login. The Lab Services Admin will send you an invitation to create a SUNet ID. Once sponsorshipis approved, you will have an active ID. If you have a SUNet ID from previous affiliation with Stanford labs, then this is not necessary.


Create your Badger Account

The simplest way is to find a Sunray terminal (Lab Services Admin, the adjacent cube area, and outside the gowning room). Insert a Smart Card to start a Badger kiosk session. Select the "New Member?" option and follow the instructions for creating a new Badger account. Your Badger account login will be your preferred email.Make sure to log out of the Smart Card kiosk session so that it can be used by someone else. The account will need to be verified by Lab Services Administration before it can be used.

You can set up Badger to run on your desktop or laptop, by following the directions for running Badger.