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Remote Services

If you have a project and are unsure as to whether you have the time or expertise to execute this yourself, we offer several options and resources for fabrication services.

Remote Labmember Processing Services

Whether it is one step or many, our experienced process staff may be able to fabricate part or all of your device. With a variety of web-based tools, we can work with you, even real-time, to achieve your project needs. To become a remote labmember:

  1. Determine if your project is eligible for remote processing. Because of manpower constraints, SNF can only take on a limited amount of remote processing projects. Preference will be given to remote academic users who because of distance or funding issues cannot travel to SNF to be an on-site user. (In some cases, it may be possible to do part of a project as an on-site user and part as a remote user.)
  2. Contact Nancy Latta or Mike Deal to discuss your project. They may refer you to a Technical Liaison if you haven't already talked with one.
  3. If Mike Deal or Nancy Latta give preliminary approval for you being a remote user, go to the Join SNF web page and complete all steps except the last (registering for the lab class). In the Project Proposal Form, in the section where you describe the expected use of SNF, explain why you wish to be a remote user rather than an on-site user.
  4. If given final approval to be a remote user by Nancy Latta or Mike Deal, you will be assigned an SNF staff member to be your project coordinator.
  5. Discuss and set up the specific processing steps and schedule of your project with your project coordinator.
  6. Check Fees webpage and figure out estimated cost if you wish. Note: remote users must pay for process staff support (which does not have a monthly cap) as well as equipment charges (which does have a monthly cap). Government/industry users also must pay maintenance fees.
  7. Give okay to your project coordinator to start processing.
  8. Get updates from your project corrdinator as processing proceeds.
  9. You may request or be requested to set up a time for remote lab access to inspect your wafer(s) on an SEM or microscope using our Live Webcams. Likewise, you may need to access our other Remote Capabilities, such as our web white board to view and discuss your run sheet, wafer layout, or structure with our staff.
  10. Two alternative options for Labmembers who need someone else to do their processing for them are to use Independent Contractors/Consultants or CNRI/MEMS-Exchange..


Independent Contractors/Consultants:

Researchers have the option of hiring professional service providers to fabricate devices at SNF. Contractors and consultants can provide a wider range of custom services, such as contract research. SNF maintains a list of available independent contractors and consultants who are labmembers in good standing. Be aware that they are not employees of Stanford or SNF and that neither Stanford nor SNF will warrant their services.

SNF lab fees incurred by consultants on behalf of a labmember researcher are billed directly to that researchers' account. Compensation for the consultants' services are negotiated solely between the researcher and the contractor.


CNRI-MEMS Exchange:

The MEMS Exchange is a "virtual" fab, a network of university and commercial fabs offering a library of MEMS-related, fabrication processes. SNF has been a member of the MEMS-Exchange since its inception.


Remote Resources

Keep in touch with what's going on inside the lab using live communications tools. Click on one of the links below to see a video of an actual Remote User session:

[Windows Media Player]   [RealPlayer]
  1. 1. Live webcams and whiteboards.
    1. Introduction to webcams
    2. Mobile live webcams and whiteboard
    3. Live optical microscope webcam
    4. Live scanning electron microscope webcam
  2. Download images and data
  3. Run schedule and status (not currently available)
  4. Simulators (not currently available)
  5. CAD and mask Design (not currently available)
  6. Runsheet generation (not currently available)