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Tool Rates

Some tools are charged at less than the Base Rate; these are listed below. If not listed, they are charged at the full Base Rate. In addition, metallization tools are charged for source or target material cost, above the Base Rate.

No-Charge Tools

The following tools are either no-charge or do not require Coral enabling in order to use. However, they may require training in order to use; make sure to check with the tool owner.

Analytical tools: all optical microscopes, IR microscope, stylus profilometers (p2 and alphastep 500), ellipsometer (Rudolph EL4 only), nanospecs 1/2, surfscan4500, micromanipulator6000

Ovens: 90C post-spin bake, 110C pre bake, 150C singe, and white-oven (YES oven is now "below-base")

Solvent benches: lithosolv, solvhood, wbebres, wbmiscres, wbsolvent (except hot plate or sonicator)

Miscellaneous: mask cleaner, microdrill press, CNC Micromill, thermolyne furnace, uvcure

Below-Base Rate Tools

These are "simple" tools which are are charged at 2/3 of the base rate. They include:

Wet benches: wbdiff, wbgaas, wbgeneral, wbgen2, wbnitride, wbnonmetal, wbsilicide, wbsolvent (for hot plate or sonicator use)

Analytical tools: prometrix, stresstest

Litho tools: bluem oven, headway2 spinner, YES oven