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Badger Split


In order to simplify system administration, Badger will be split into two, separate systems: one for SNF and the other for SNCL.

Before July 1: No need to do anything.

After July 1: The original Badger link to the SNCL/SNF system will not be functional. Make sure to use the new Badger-SNF link instead to access the SNF and MOCVD Labs. If you are a member of SNCL, you will need to use the Badger-SNCL link to access that family of labs.

At midnight July 1 (Sunday evening/Monday morning): Up until midnight, use Badger as you would normally. However, if you are enabled on a tool before midnight, make sure to disable the tool using the new Badger-SNF link after midnight. There will be a period of time just after midnight when neither the old Badger nor the new Badger-SNF is accessible, as the transition is made. This is expected to take less than one hour. After the transition, use Badger-SNF for all your lab activities.



Mike Bell from Badger Lab Management Systems will be on hand on July 1 and 2 to answer your Badger questions (please make sure to copy Aubrey Martinez on your correspondence.)