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SNF labmember organizations and affiliates may submit jobs for posting to this site (contact a staff member for instructions.)


Senior Applications Engineer - 72544



Senior Applications Engineer, SNF

The Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) serves researchers from other academic institutions and companies as well as Stanford.  We are a service organization providing research tools and know-how to over 400 researchers annually.  More about our operation can be found on our website ( 

We seek an experienced applications engineer who will join the senior staff in managing research operations.  The ideal candidate will have experience in electronics fabrication and deep knowledge of the equipment: a jack-or-jill-of-all-trades who is equally comfortable working side-by-side with researchers as well as troubleshooting equipment and facilities problems. 

The core responsibility of this position is oversight of Direct Patterning and Machining operations, which includes optical and electron-beam lithography, laser-cutting, milling, 3D printing, and supporting or related tools.  Specific experience in this capabilities is less important than keen interest in learning and teaching new technologies, as well as a deep understanding and demonstrated ability to apply engineering fundamentals.  Responsibilities include participation in the Incident Response Team supporting lab safety and providing local expertise in emergency events. As training is a core function of the SNF, keen interest in teaching as well as excellent written and oral communication skills, are required.


R&D Emerging Memory Cell Engineer, Micron.

As a Cell Engineer within the Emerging Memory Group at Micron, will be responsible for developing and supporting new cell and selector materials for next generation non-volatile memory technologies.

In this position it is essential you have the ability to lead development projects across many functional groups such as unit process development, process integration, and design and product engineering.

Strong background in material science, solid state physics and device characterization is a requirement. Additionally, you must have a strong ability to learn the memory systems without significant assistance.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

•Responsible for leading technical investigation of materials systems for various emerging memory/selector systems such as resistance random access memories (RRAM), TFTs, ferroelectric memories and non-ohmic devices
•Lead and coordinate a cross-functional team consisting of process engineers, material scientists, electrical characterization engineers, materials analysts, etc.
•Coordinate experimental design and analysis of emerging memory materials systems.
•Responsible for memory system development at the cell and product level and meeting performance and cost metrics for these systems.
•Investigate fundamental physics and solid state chemistry related to these devices and determine operation and failure mechanisms and improve device operation from fundamental principles.
•Investigate transport mechanisms in new device materials as well as study noise and variability sources.
•Deliver a successful emerging memory option into manufacturing with a cost structure and technical capabilities allowing the technology to replace existing memory technologies such as NAND.
•Develop a new compact cell model to enable large array statistical simulations and perform the necessary characterization for parameters extraction.
•Drive Read and Program Window analysis to enhance array performances.

Successful candidates must have:
•Strong understanding of solid state physics including transition metal oxides, chalcogenides, metallurgy, and ionic materials systems.
•Strong understanding of analytic and electrical methods for characterizing the above materials
•Strong understanding of device operation in memory systems including NAND, DRAM, PCM, storage class, and cross-point memories.

Education: A PhD in Materials Science, Physics or Electrical engineering.

Contact: dramaswamy at

Process-Development-Engineer, Iris AO, Inc.

Iris AO, Inc. ( develops groundbreaking adaptive-optics (AO) components and systems using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. Iris AO is searching for a process-development engineer to join its dynamic environment and help make Iris AO a leader in the adaptive optics revolution. The engineer will work as part of a small team to design, build, and test cutting-edge deformable mirrors for AO.

Please send resumes to

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fabricate MEMS DMs at the U.C. Berkeley Marvel Nanofabrication Laboratory
  • Develop processes for our MEMS deformable mirrors (DM) including materials research, planning, executing, analyzing, and optimizing
  • Participate in design reviews
  • Compile, document and evaluate process data
  • Implement continuous improvement projects (CIP) for existing processes and test systems

Skills and Educational Requirements

  • MS/Ph.D. in EE, ME, Physics, Material Science, or some related field
  • Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in MEMS or semiconductor process development
  • Excellent understanding of the fundamentals of microfabrication processing
  • Willingness to work at the boundary of process and equipment technology, understanding the interactions between the two to improve overall operational capability and product quality
  • Excellent problem solving skills to make data-driven decisions
  • Candidate must have strong analysis skills, be an independent thinker, self starter, proactive, and innovative
  • A good team player with demonstrated interpersonal skills, good verbal and written communication skills

Technical Requirements: Experience in a Majority of the Following

  • LPCVD deposition: polysilicon, LTO, PSG, silicon nitride
  • PECVD deposition: TEOS, polysilicon, silicon nitride
  • Lithography: photoresist coating, stepper and contact aligner operation, photoresist developing
  • RIE/DRIE: silicon, nitride, oxide
  • MEMS release and critical-point drying (CPD)
  • Metrology: thin-film measurement, SEM, profilometry
  • Process development techniques: design of experiment (DOE)
  • Experience in a University fabrication facility environment

Job Info

  • US citizenship required
  • Relocation expenses not provided