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SNF Email Lists

About Mailman

As of January, 2013, mail lists are managed through Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager widely used by many organizations, including Stanford University. These SNF email lists are the primary means by which lab and staff members communicate issues on topics ranging from the very specific (individual tools) to the very broad (lab status.) Mailman allows individuals to manage their own subscriptions and means by which they receive this information. Mailman also provides a standard interface for viewing archives.

If you are a current SNF labmember, you probably have been automatically subscribed to lists for the tools for which you are qualified. By default, you will have been subscribed under your Coral email address ( If you would like to change your subscription options, please see below. To see all the lists that you are currently subscribed to, see "Manage your Lists" below.

Available SNF lists:

All the currently available SNF email lists can be found here: All the tool lists and area status lists are publicly viewable, so you don't need to subscribe to see them. ( Some of the non-tool, operational lists are not public.)

Tool Specific Lists

Each tool has two email distribution lists associated with it:

  • Tool discussion lists are denoted in the List column by "tool". These discussion lists are for communications directed to users of that specific tool. We highly recommend that you subscribe to the tool discussion lists if you are qualified on this particular tool.
  • Tool status lists are denoted on the List column by "tool-pcs". These lists are automatically generated when a staff or lab member invokes a problem, comment, or shutdown status change on Badger/Coral. It is not necessary that qualified users subscribe to these lists (these messages can be viewed on Badger under the Maintenance tab), but can be handy if you are especially interested in the latest Badger status of a particular tool.

Other Lists

There are number of other operational lists, most of which have public archives. Labmembers (and most staff) would probably not be interested in subscribing. However, we do highly recommend that everyone subscribe to the "" as this is the most effective, quickest way to communicate lab-wide issues to the SNF community.

Subscribe to an SNF email list:

There are two methods:

  1. Browser: From the Mailman list, click on the specific list you want.
  2. Email: Send an email to, where list is the list you want to join.

Either way, you will receive a confirmation email; if you don't confirm as instructed within 3 days, you will need to resubmit a request to subscribe. Depending on the method, you may be asked for your email and a password. It would be a good idea to use the same email address and password for all your subscribed lists. Do not select a "valuable" password since this may be emailed back to you in plain text. You can make global changes in your emails as described below.

To Post to a List:

To post to any one of the lists, send an email to the If you are not a member of that list, your post may be moderated so there may be a delay in the posting.

Manage your Lists:

During your SNF career, you will likely end up subscribed to quite a few lists. The Mailman web-based mailing list configuration page is very handy for managing all your subscriptions. To access this:

  1. Log into Mailman by entering in you browser URL:
    where "list" is any list that you are already subscribed to and "your-email" is the email under which you are subscribed.
  2. You will be asked for your Mailman password for this list and also have the option to unsubscribe or be reminded of your password.
  3. Once you've entered your password, the mailing list configuration page will appear for this list.

One of the options on this list is to "list my other subscriptions". Click on this to view all the other lists that your email address is subscribed to.

Here are some features of the mailing list configuration page:

  • You can view all the SNF lists that your email is subscribed to. (Remember, if you subscribed use another email, the lists will not appear here)
  • It is handy to use the same email and password for all your list subscriptions. You can make email and password changes to all your subscribed lists at once by logging into any one of your Mailman lists as described above, make your changes, and then click on the "Change globally" button.
  • You can put SNF emails on temporary "vacation hold" by disabling "Mail delivery" (the first of the subscription options.) There is a useful "Change globally" button available for this feature too.

To Unsubscribe from a List:

Two methods:

  1. Browser: Log into Mailman (as above: Manage your Lists). After you enter your Mailman password, you have the option to unsubscribe.
  2. Email: Send an email to, where list is the list you want leave.