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About nSiL

The future of SNF: Beyond Silicon

SNF has its roots in the beginnings of Silicon Valley. In the 60's and 70's pioneering work done in the lab which eventually became SNF led to the creation of many of the companies we know today. The lab that became SNF has an illustrious past; but what about SNF's future?

The future of SNF lied beyond silicon, in new materials and finding ways to use these new materials. The nSiL is the first of a series of planned SNF satellite labs, providing resources for creating and exploring what can be done with these new materials.

Why nSiL?

There are limitations in handling and manipulating free nanostructures in a cleanroom environment due to safety and cross-contamination concerns. As a separate, non-cleanroom lab, the nSiL complements the resources available in the main SNF cleanroom. The nSiL, however, is less about making nanoengineered materials than about USING them. This new space allows researchers to integrate “bottom-up” synthetic chemical methods with the “top-down” device processing methods to create new nanostructure-based materials and devices.  Specific areas of focus are the synthesis, functionalization, and manipulation of nanoparticles, nanostructures and surfaces.