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Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZSP


The Zetasizer is used for the measurement of size, electrophoretic mobility of proteins, zeta potential of nanoparticles and surfaces, and optionally the microrheology of protein and polymer solutions. Software allows the measurement of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient, A2, of macromolecules and kD, the DLS interaction parameter. This system has the surface potential measurement option.


Jasco Model V670 UV-VIS.NIR Spectrometer


• Double-beam, dual grating monochromator utilizing PMT and PbS detectors, with wavelength range:190-3200nm
• Bandwidth: 0.1 – 10nm (variable UV/Vis) 0.4 – 40nm (variable NIR)
• Absorbance range: -2 to 4Abs (UV/Vis) -2 to 3Abs (NIR)
• Wavelength accuracy: +/- 0.1nm; Wavelength reproducibility: +/- 0.05nm
• Scan rate: 10 – 4000nm/min. Slew speed: 12,000nm/min 48,000nm/min (NIR)
• Data interval: 10msec (time course)


CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging System


The CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging System (HSI) provides spectral analysis of materials and biologicals imaged with the CytoViva Nano-scale Optical Microscope. This system operates in the visible near infrared spectral range (VNIR) supporting both non-fluorescent and fluorescenct imaging in live cells and nano-materials.