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Mon Jun 14 12:44:25 PDT 2004


     I am a labmember (industry) and I started work at a new company called Glide Write.   I am in the process of filling out the forms to use SNF for some projects I am working on for Glide Write, and we need to generate a P.O.    The finance people here are asking for some info to get this going,  i.e.

1) Who should the P.O. be made out to & the address ?  SNF, I assume,
    can they put down a specific individual as a contact person along with a phone number?

2)  Is there any kind of contract/paperwork/ written agreement that clearly spells out the financial obligations & fees that you can send/fax to me to attach to the P.O.

I have discussed the Glide Write projects with Mary Tang and she has approved the project.   I still have my labmember account (ajamo) but it is no longer attached to any kind of P.O..

Please Advise


Aleta Jamora
510 378 1602 (cell)
e-mail   artyjamo at
fax 408 262 1500  (Glide Write fax #)

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