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    I am wondering how I can use the fund from the user grant (please see the attached e-mail for details).  So far, I don't see "butcher(CIS Grant)" in Coral under my account.  Also, is it possible to transfer some of the charge from butcher (immune cell trafficking) to butcher (CIS Grant) as the grant account is effective from Feb 1st?  Thanks!

    Francis Lin (username: flin2)

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>From: Jane S Edwards <edwardsj at>
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>Subject: CIS User Grant:  Butcher
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>Eugene Butcher, Pathology, Stanford University
>Project Title:  Investigation of Immune Cell Trafficking Using
>Micro-Fabricated Devices.
>Dear Professor Butcher,
>We are pleased to award you a CIS User Grant in the amount of $2,000 for the
>period 2/1/05-1/31/06.
>Account number: 1092503-1-EALGD.
>Project Name:  butcher (CIS Grant)
>As stated in the "CIS Grant Program and Application", grants are to be
>applied toward laboratory fees only at SNF including equipment usage and
>technician support.  User grants may not be used to support salary, travel,
>equipment purchase, or any non-SNF laboratory expenses.
>As part of our reporting requirements to the CIS Affiliates Program,
>recipients of User Grants will be expected to provide a project status
>report updated at six month intervals.  We hope your work at the SNF will
>be successful.   Please feel free to contact me to arrange access to the
>Jane Edwards
>Manager, Financial and Admin. Services
>Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

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