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Hi All,

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) is not 
the recipient for this PO. Please send this PO to the correct department.


At 12:00 PM 9/15/2007, sps_sql_mail at wrote:
>Note: E-mail notifications are sent every 2 hours. A PO may be created as
>NEW, but then may be CHANGED within the 2 hour e-mail cycle. Therefore,
>there is a possibility that you may receive notification of a PO wth a
>status of Changed even though the PO is a New PO to your system. This does
>not indicate a problem; it simply indicates the PO was created and changed
>within 2 hours. This note is to inform you of this possibility so that you
>can adequately address this situation if it arises.
>You have the following POs from Intel:
>PO Number                State    Country   PO Status     PO Auth. Date
>4507210729               CA       US         Change PO    09/15/2007
>Please go to and sign in to view
>Technical issues?  Go to and
>click on "Intel Supplier e-Business Support Numbers".
>If you would prefer NOT to receive email notifications, you may turn off
>this feature by going to "My Profile" in Intel WebSuite by following these
>1) Please login to
>2) Click on "Intel® Web PO" on the left navigation bar
>3) Click on "My Profile" on the left navigation bar.
>4) Click on "Company Information"
>5) Under Step 4 in "Company Information", choose "No" for "Turn On/Off ePO
>Email Option"
>6) Please click on "Save Profile" to save changes under "Company

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