AFM2 is up

Brian Joseph Greene bgreene at
Fri Aug 10 18:44:52 PDT 2001

  The AFM2 has been repaired, calibrated, and taken off of shutdown.  In
addition, an interlock has been added to the SPM power supply.  The green
"ON" interlock display is located on top of the power supply itself, under
the desk.  As of today, the AFM2 will not function unless it is properly
enabled on Coral.
  Please use care when running the AFM.  The new interlock simply
forces users to enable the AFM2 on Coral so that system usage can be
tracked more accurately.  There are currently no interlocks to prevent
users from damaging the SPM by running it into the stage, or by running
the stage into the SPM.  Please be especially cautious when trying to make
small stage or SPM movements with the trackball, since it (the trackball)
is not working very well.
  Many thanks to Mike for installing the new interlock, and to Hector
Cavazos for the ~4 hours he spent calibrating the system.

Happy scanning!

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