Problems with AFM

Charis Quay Huei Li chquay at
Mon Jan 6 21:13:14 PST 2003


     I wasn't quite sure what the reporting procedure is; I hope this goes
through. I wanted to let people know of a couple of problems I've found
with the AFM and ask if you have found fixes.
     The first problem is that the computer frequently crashes in the
middle of a scan, it seems at least once every session and sometimes
several times if I am AFMing for a long time. Restarting the computer
fixes this, but usually when the software is restarted it crashes the tip
into the surface and it's a bit of a pain (and expense) to replace the
     The other problem is with the Nanoscope software. Often files
captured on the AFM computer cannot be opened offline even with software
of the same version. Usually in McCullough (where we have the same
problem) one opens/prints all the files one couldn't open in one's lab
from the AFM computer when it's not in use. It is a huge pain, but at
least the files can be accessed in a roundabout fashion.
     I tried to connect to the colour printer in my lab from afm2
(\\vanhouten\droste) but was told that access was denied. Does anyone know
if this is a problem on the printer side (in which case please tell me
which settings I need to change) or on the AFM side (in which case can an
Administrator please, please change the settings on that computer)? It
seems strange that this would happen since I was able to map to our data
backup computer and dump files there.
     Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!


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