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Mahnaz mahnaz at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Jan 15 08:56:23 PST 2003

Hello all,

As most of you know,  we are having some issues with the AFM2.
Fortunately Hector was here yesterday and he looked in to the system
here is part of his email to me which I like to share with you.

""I fixed the problem were the focal offset between LOCATE TIP and FOCUS

SURFACE was too small.  This forced users to manually drive the tip
extremely close to the sample in order to make the imaging start.  This
exactly what you do NOT want.  Humans driving the tip down to their
instead of the computer driving.  The worst case scenario would be
the tip so fast that the safety mechanisms of stopping the moving parts
would actuate after the scanner crashes too.  Ouch!  Out of commission
up to one month AFTER you cough up $9000.  You've been down that road

This problem may have been caused by the computer crashing, or a person
changing the software parameters likely. At this moment in time,  we do
not have control over the computer crashing but if any body out there is
playing with the parameters I like to ask  to stop that as if any thing
goes wrong with the system it will be a while for me to be able to fix
it. I have always relied very heavily on Hector's expertise and he is
not able to support me as much as he did so every one needs to use their
best judgment when it comes to this tool.


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