AFM2 Update

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Aug 24 14:33:57 PDT 2005

AFM Users,

I want to give you a status update on the AFM.  If you have been watching 
the coral lights it has been yellow and it will be staying that way for the 
next few weeks.

The white light power supply has been ordered and we have been given a 
delivery date of Sept. 1st.  The system will stay under yellow until the 
replacement power supply is installed.

Scanner head.  If you have been using the system recently you are aware of 
the backlash in the laser alignment.  The backlash got significantly worst 
in the last week, or so.  The backlash is so sever, you can make many 
rotations on the screws without getting any movement from the laser.  In 
addition, the laser supply cable appears to have a break in it.  If the 
cable became twisted, the laser light would go out.  There also was a 
report we were only getting scanning movement in one direction.  This is 
typical of a failure in the piezoelectric.  This is an expensive 
repair.  By resetting the software I was able to see scanning in two 
directions, but I want to have the piezo evaluated.

With the accumulation of the errors on the tool, I decided to get 
maintenance on the scanner head.  Repair of the scanner will take 
approximately two weeks.  I requested a loaner scanner and it has 
arrive.  Actually, it arrived faster than I was able to do the necessary 
paperwork.  I'm hoping to complete the paperwork and swap out the scanner 
and send ours out for repair this week.  The two week repair clock will 
start once our scanner arrives at Veeco.  The system will remain in yellow 
until we install our scanner.

We will be liable for any damage to the loaner scanner.  It is imperative 
you take extra caution if you use the system while the loaner scanner is 
installed.  Without having the white light the chance for crashing the head 
in to your sample increases.  If you don't feel comfortable using the AFM 
please find an experienced user to assist your, or consider delaying your 
analysis if possible.


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