Fwd: AFM2 File Clean Up Reminder

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Wed Oct 5 09:14:29 PDT 2005


I want to remind you to remove any images you have stored in the default 
file directory.  This is not the storage area and I will be deleting these 
files next week.


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>Subject: File Clean Up and Scanner Arrived
>AFM2 Users,
>Our scanner has arrived.  I will install it this afternoon and clear the 
>yellow light.  Please continue to take care of our scanner.
>I have also seen a lot of poor shut downs of the system.  Many times I 
>have found the monitors and light sources left on and more importantly the 
>stage has not be moved to the Load Sample location.  This makes it 
>difficult for the next user.  There has to be a Sum signal to move the 
>stage.  Once the tip has been removed there is no Sum signal.  Please make 
>sure you move the stage to the Load Sample location as part of the shut down.
>There are also numerous files in the default image capture file.  This is 
>not where you store your images.  You must move them to your personal 
>folder on the D drive.  I will delete all files in the default 
>folder.  You have two weeks to either move your images out of the default 
>folder or download them to another location.

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